‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Times Rory Gilmore Seemed Wise Beyond Her Years

Gilmore Girls is beloved by fans for a lot of different reasons. The incredibly detailed characters are one reason. Over seven seasons, fans picked out things they loved and things they hated about Rory Gilmore. Rory could be difficult and a little immature sometimes, but the intellectually gifted Rory also had moments when she was wise beyond her years. These are our favorites. 

Rory’s ability to shake off the rejection of her father’s parents was a wise moment 

Rory was not born into an opportune situation. The details of her conception and early life are heavily discussed during the show’s first season, and it is made abundantly clear that no one was happy with what happened. No one made that clearer than her absentee father’s parents.

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham sit in Stars Hollow's town square in a scene for 'Gilmore Girls'
Rory and Lorelai Gilmore | Mitchell Haddad/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

During dinner together, Staub and Francine Hayden told Rory and everyone else, in no uncertain terms, that Rory’s birth was regretful, shameful, and led to trouble in their family. The then-teenaged Rory just sat there and dealt with it. She was even able to shake it off and move forward without resenting the Haydens or her father, who stood idly by during the tirade. The fact that she understood the nuances of the situation proved that she was far more mature than most teens. 

Rory eventually persevered and finished Chilton at the top of her class 

Rory’s induction into high society was paved with potholes. She started an academically rigorous prep school after the start of school. She also came from a school that wasn’t nearly as focused on academics. Academics aside, she was bullied and harassed by her classmates for being an outsider. Some students would have thrown in the towel and gone back to Stars Hollow High School, where the classwork was easier, and she was mostly left alone. 

Alexis Bledel, Liza Weil, and Darkin Matthews in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'
Alexis Bledel, Liza Weil, and Darkin Matthews in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Neil Jacobs/Netflix

Rory didn’t back out. She never even missed a day of school. Her perseverance paid off. Not only did she finish at the top of her class, but she was accepted to multiple Ivy League schools. Her ability to see the long-term payoff of going to Chilton was one of her wiser moments. 

Rory Gilmore’s decision to decline Logan’s proposal was a wise moment 

Gilmore Girls fans who are decidedly on team Logan might not agree. Still, Rory turning down Logan Huntzberger’s marriage proposal was probably one of her wiser decisions when you considered everything. Sure, Logan was sweet to Rory, had a ton of money, and was happy to take care of her, but Rory seemed to understand that stepping into Logan’s world completely meant that she’d have to give up some of her dreams and some of her freedom. 

Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'
Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger | Netflix

Deciding to take the tougher path didn’t exactly turn out great for Rory. When fans caught back up with her in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, she was pretty much directionless and was carrying on an affair with Logan. Still, with the information she had at the time, turning down the proposal was wise. Rory gets bonus points for the decision because it surely wasn’t an easy one.