‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Unexpectedly Emotional Moments

Gilmore Girls signed off for the last time nearly 15 years ago. Despite its age, the series about a mother and daughter duo making it in a quirky Connecticut town is still amassing new fans. Lauren Graham, the actor who portrayed Lorelai Gilmore, believes the light and airy nature of the series keeps it palatable and relatable. Still, the show was a dramedy, and it had some profound moments. It also had several unexpectedly emotional scenes. Do you remember three times that Gilmore Girls got deep when you least expected it?

Richard and Emily Gilmore showed up to support Lorelai Gilmore at her college graduation

Richard and Emily Gilmore were disappointed when Lorelai got pregnant. Their hopes for her to attend a good college evaporated with the teenage pregnancy, and they never let her forget that they were unhappy with her lack of education. Richard was a Yale graduate, and Emily was educated at Smith College, both good schools. They expected their daughter to attend an equally prestigious university.

Richard and Emily proved that they were still proud of Lorelai, regardless of her less-than-ideal life path. When Lorelai graduated from community college, they attended. They were so proud that both Emily and Richard teared up as she expected her diploma. It was the first time it was clear that the couple was proud of how far their daughter had come all on her own. 

Taylor Doose’s towns selectmen loss is oddly emotional

Taylor Doose was pretty much universally hated in Stars Hollow. His adherence to the rules and desire for power didn’t sit well with his fellow residents. Even though he annoyed them, they leaned on Taylor for help, and fans had a bit of a soft spot for him. It was oddly emotional when he lost his political position to Jackson Bellville.

Michael Winters as Taylor Doosey and Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason discuss town business in Stars Hollow's town center
Taylor Doose and Kirk Gleason in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Netflix

In Season 5, Jackson, angered over issues with his greenhouse, staged a coup. Instead of letting Taylor run for town selectmen unchallenged, Jackson ran against him. In a shocking turn of events, absolutely no one voted for Taylor. Lorelai spotted the defeated Taylor sitting alone in his ice cream parlor eating whipped cream. The moment was unexpectedly sad. 

Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, elicited strong emotion from fans with Trix’s letter urging Richard to leave Emily at the altar

Emily Gilmore was surprisingly stoic most of the time. Even when things went wrong, she kept her emotions in check surprisingly well, save for a few comical freakouts. Still, Emily could be deeply wounded, and there were a few moments where she emotionally connected with fans. Viewers felt anger and sadness for Emily in a season 4 episode centered around Trix Gilmore’s death.

Fans were aware that Trix did not care for Emily, but after her death, Emily found a letter Trix had written to Richard on the eve of his wedding. In the letter, she begged Richard to leave Emily at the altar. The raw emotion of Emily realizing just how little Trix cared for her tugged at viewers’ heartstrings.