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‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’: Sean Gunn Joked About Pitching Four Different Final Words

Sean Gunn became a surprise favorite on ‘Gilmore Girls’. Gunn was perfect in the part of eccentric Kirk Gleason, and he’s spoken openly about his love for the series. Gunn, being a bit of a ‘Gilmore Girls’ aficionado, sat down with Jimmy Fallon and revealed his own thoughts about what the final four words of the revival should have been.

Sean Gunn is known for many acting roles, but he’ll always be the eccentric Kirk Gleason for Gilmore Girls fans. Gunn was never supposed to have a large role in the show, but Amy Sherman-Palladino liked his acting so much that she handcrafted the quirky part specifically for him. Kirk became a part of Stars Hollow, and if Gunn had it his way, Sherman-Palladino would have included his character in the four final words of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Who did Sean Gunn portray on Gilmore Girls?

Gunn appeared in all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and all four revival episodes as Kirk Gleason. Kirk embodied the quirkiness and eccentricity that was commonly associated with Stars Hollow. He, unlike the other residents of the town, was a bit mysterious, too.

Kirk didn’t hold a regular job, but he had thousands of part-time jobs. His agelessness was a bit of a running gag, and while he once revealed that he was from a large family, his brothers and sisters were never seen or named. His mother, whom he lived with, was also never shown.

Sean Gunn’s role on Gilmore Girls was expanded over time

Kirk wasn’t included in the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls. His first actual appearance came in the fifth episode of season 1. The episode, “Cinnamon’s Wake”, might have been the first time Kirk appeared, but Gunn first showed up in the series during the second episode of season 1. In his first appearance, he portrayed Mick, a DSL installation technician who Emily Gilmore sent. In the following episode, he appeared as a nameless delivery driver at the Independence Inn before landing his recurring role.

Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason leaves Lorelai's house with his pet pig in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'
Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Netflix

Sherman-Palladino was reportedly so impressed by Gunn’s acting that she wanted to find a place for him in the show. The character of Kirk was handcrafted for him. After season 1, Sherman-Palladino expanded Kirk’s role further. He became one of the most important and most commonly seen residents of Stars Hollow.

Sean Gunn has his own idea about what the final four words of the revival should have been

By now, many Gilmore Girls fans know that Amy Sherman-Palladino intended to end the originals series with Rory Gilmore revealing that she was pregnant to her mother, Lorelai Gilmore. Sherman-Palladino never got the chance to end the series in the way she intended. She and her partner, Dan Palladino, walked away from Gilmore Girls after its sixth season due to a contract dispute. She, however, did have the character utter the four words at the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


‘Gilmore Girls’ Star, Sean Gunn, Reveals His Favorite Kirk Gleason Job

While Rory’s pregnancy revelation was a fitting ending to the mother-daughter story, Gunn joked about an alternate ending that he believes would have been equally good. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon shortly before the revival aired on Netflix, Gunn suggested the final four words could be “Kirk is your overlord.” During the same interview, Gunn revealed that he didn’t know what the last four words were. He opted to watch the revival and find out with fans. Scott Patterson, who portrayed Luke Danes, and Liza Weil, who played Paris Geller, were interviewed along with Gunn. Both admitted that they knew the ending before the show premiered.