‘Gilmore Girls’: Adam Brody ‘Didn’t Love’ 1 Aspect of Filming at the Time

The hit WB dramedy Gilmore Girls brought audiences lots of delightful characters they still talk about years after the series finale. Stars like Lauren Graham are, of course, still asked about the show, but so are actors who had smaller parts, like Adam Brody. But he recently shared one thing he didn’t like about working on the set.

In ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Adam Brody played Dave Rygalski

Adam Brody on August 12, 2019, in New York City.
Adam Brody on August 12, 2019, in New York City. | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Gilmore Girls premiered in 2000. The series depicts a mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, living in a small town in Massachusetts. Though Rory attends a nearby prep school, she remains best friends with Lane Kim from her former public high school in Stars Hollow.

In season 3 of Gilmore Girls, Adam Brody begins to recur as Dave Rygalski, a member of Lane’s band Hep Alien. The pair hit it off and start dating in secret due to her mother’s disapproval. They eventually take their relationship public and even attend Lane’s prom together.

Fans were sad to see his character leave the show

After witnessing Lane and Dave’s blossoming relationship in season 3, Gilmore Girls fans were disappointed when Brody didn’t return for season 4. Lane received less screen time as Rory headed off to Yale University, but that’s not why the actor left the series for good.

Instead, Brody landed his own starring role in a teen drama. He began portraying Seth Cohen in Fox’s The O.C., which premiered in 2003. Due to the time constraints of being a lead actor in an hour-long network series, Brody couldn’t reprise his role of Dave. So the character was written out of the show.

Brody reunited with Keiko Agena in 2020

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But Gilmore Girls fans never forgot Dave, particularly where Lane was concerned. Many didn’t love her subsequent relationship with their fellow bandmate, Zack, who she ended up marrying and having twins. So imagine their delight when, years later, Lane and Dave had an on-screen reunion — sort of.

Brody joined Keiko Agena (who played Lane) on Instagram Live to write letters to voters ahead of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. While they spoke a lot about politics and getting out the vote, they also reminisced about their time on set together and how they wanted their characters’ storylines to go.

He realized how well-written ‘Gilmore Girls’ was ‘in hindsight’

Looking back on Gilmore Girls, Adam Brody recalls his experience as “a joy.” But he notes that at the time, he “didn’t love” one aspect of filming. “I remember at the time chafing a little at how exacting they were with the dialogue,” he said, noting the script supervisor who pointed out when actors made mistakes.

“In hindsight, almost 20 years later, I realize that’s still some of the best-written stuff I’ve ever gotten to do and the rarity of it,” he told the A.V. Club in a 2021 interview. “If they wanted it word-for-word perfect, they’re writing at such a high level, they deserve it. Who was I to chafe at that?”