‘Gilmore Girls’: Alexis Bledel Once Revealed Her Favorite Secondary Characters

Gilmore Girls, upon first glance, was all about the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her young daughter, Rory Gilmore. As the show entered it’s second and third season, however, it became increasingly clear that the secondary characters who inhabited Stars Hollow were just as important to the story. Everyone seems to have their favorite secondary characters. For some fans, it’s Taylor Doosey, while others have a soft spot for Kirk Gleason. Alexis Bledel, the actor who portrayed Rory Gilmore for seven seasons, has her favorites, too. Her answers might surprise you.  

Alexis Bledel says Miss Patty and Babette were two of her favorite characters

In an interview with Jimm Fallon, Bledel was happy to tell the world who her favorite secondary characters were. While a lot of Gilmore Girls fans would assume her favorites would have been Lane Kim or Paris Geller, Bledel immediately admitted her time with Miss Patty and Babette were among her favorite memories from the series.

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Sally Struthers, who portrayed Babette, and Liz Torres, who took on the role of Miss Patty, actually have a long history together. According to Vanity Fair, Torres and Struthers worked together on All In The Family and developed an unbreakable bond. Their bond and chemistry made them the perfect pair on Gilmore Girls.

She also said Stars Hollow’s favorite worker, Kirk Gleason, made the show special

Bledel noted that Kirk was also one of her favorite characters. She’s not alone in that assessment. Fans have a soft spot for Kirk, and Amy Sherman-Palladino liked Sean Gunn, the actor who portrayed Kirk, so much, that the character was crafted specifically for him. Gunn first appeared on the show as Mick, a DSL installation technician. Later, he was introduced as Kirk, the town’s most eccentric citizen.

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Fans cheered Kirk on through all of his blunders for seven seasons. They were thrilled to see him appear, once again, in the revival. In the revival, Kirk and his significant other, Lulu, were proud parents of a pet pig. There are also several fan theories that revolve around Kirk.

Finally, Bledel noted Caesar as one of her favorite secondary characters

Bledel didn’t just pay tribute to some of the heavily featured secondary characters from the show. She also mentioned Caesar as one of her favorite characters. Caesar didn’t appear often, but when he did, he was charming and funny. In fact, it would have been nice to learn more about the man who helped keep Luke’s Diner running.

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Caesar was so mysterious that fan theories about him have been developed. Early in the series, Caesar appeared as a student at Chilton, the prep school Rory attended. His time at the school is never mentioned in the series. Gilmore Girl fans like to think that, perhaps, Caesar was the male version of Lorelai, running away from his wealthy family to strike out on his own.