‘Gilmore Girls’: Could Amy Sherman-Palladino Have Offered Fans a Better Revival Ending?

Amy Sherman-Palladino waited a decade to finally write the ending to her famed show Gilmore Girls. The revival ended with Rory Gilmore telling her mother that she is pregnant. It was an ending that was long anticipated. Sherman-Palladino had always planned to put the show to rest with those four words, contract negotiations for the show’s seventh and final season stole that chance. While it would have been poignant when Gilmore Girls wrapped, with a 22-year-old Rory unsure of where her life was headed, it fell flat for fans ten years later. Rory at 32 was far from likable, and her immature mistakes just seemed sad instead of relatable.  Could Sherman-Palladino have done better?

Amy Sherman-Palladino always planned for Rory to end up pregnant

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released on Netflix in 2016. The much-anticipated reboot received mixed reviews. While the four feature-length episodes served as a vehicle to get the final four words out, fans of the original series weren’t exactly enthralled with the storylines that got Rory from point A to point B.

Rory was almost unbearably self-involved. If you think about it, though, Sherman-Palladino originally envisioned Rory going through a difficult time in her early 20s, not her early 30s. It’s possible that Rory’s stumbles would have felt far more relatable if the story had played out on the timeline Sherman-Palladino originally intended. In the end, though, the showrunner got what she wanted.  The Gilmore Girls story did, in some ways, come full-circle, but many fans believe it could have been done better.

Twitter had a better idea for an ending

While some fans were happy to see Rory reveal her pregnancy as the final line in the revival, a Twitter user had a better idea, and that idea gained serious traction. According to Whimn, a Twitter user suggested that Sherman-Palladino didn’t need to have the story come full circle with Rory. Instead, they suggested the final scene could have included an unknown teen, who enters the Dragonfly and asks to stay, just like Lorelai Gilmore did at the Independence Inn more than 30 years before.

In essence, the Twitter user would have loved to see Lorelai serve as a guiding light to a teen in the same predicament she was once in. Lorelai could have been, to that teenager, what Mia had been to her so many years before. The concept went viral, and while Sherman-Palladino most likely won’t be using the idea, fans were totally into it.

What do fans want to see from a second revival?

While Sherman-Palladino got the ending she always wanted, it may not end up being the final words fans hear from Rory and Lorelai. In fact, it’s possible a second revival season could happen. A now-active Instagram feed has given fans some serious hope, and it looks like several key players are on board. If a second revival happens, Sherman-Palladino will have a chance to change things around.

Fans are hoping that a second revival will bring a Rory that has finally been humbled by her life circumstances. Who she would end up with is a source of debate. While Sherman-Palladino noted that there is potential for a long-term love affair between Logan Huntzberger and Rory, many still hold out hope that Jess Mariano could be Rory’s Luke Danes. Reddit fans note that they’d love to see the process of Rory’s book being published, the level of success they would like to see varies, though.