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Gilmore Girls was supposed to be all about the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore, but as the show progressed, romantic relationships seemed to take center stage. Rory, in particular, had a few love triangles during the show’s seven-season run. A season five love triangle between Rory, Marty, and Logan Huntzberger, might have led Marty to suggest that Rory was a gold digger. 

Did Marty suggest Rory was a gold digger? 

When Marty revealed that he had feelings for Rory, she rebuffed his advances by explaining that she liked Logan. Fans initially thought Marty’s response was a pretty typical reaction to being shot down, but he may have suggested that Rory was a gold digger when you look at it closely.

After Rory revealed she liked Logan, she said she didn’t know why she wanted him. Marty replied, “ Really? ‘Cause I’ve got a few guesses.” He never elaborated on why he thought Rory liked Logan, but Marty was pretty fixated on the fact that Logan had money. It’s possible he was suggesting that Rory liked Logan because of his family connections and money. 

Why did Rory like Logan so much? 

Marty might not have been too far off the mark. When Rory first met Logan, she didn’t like him at all. In fact, she seemed to despise him and his entire attitude. Once she found out his father was Mitchum Huntzberger, her interest was piqued. 

Later, it became clear that Rory was drawn to Logan’s easy-going and adventurous nature. Still, her initial interest was absolutely related to his family, although their wealth didn’t seem to factor into the equation. Logan’s good looks and charismatic nature seemed to appeal to Rory later on, but not initially. 

Marty reappeared in Season 7 and clearly still had hard feelings 

Season 5 wasn’t the last that fans saw of Marty. He reappeared in season 7, but instead of being a loveable, yet awkward pal, his character was much darker and rather creepy. One thing remained consistent, though, Marty still hated Logan and really seemed bothered by the fact that Logan not only “got the girl” but managed to keep her. 


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Marty’s dig at Logan’s rich family ultimately backfired on him. Logan eventually revealed that Marty and Rory were friends during their freshman and sophomore years of college. He also let Lucy, Rory’s friend, and Marty’s girlfriend, know that Marty had a crush on Rory during their friendship. The admission led to Lucy breaking up with Marty.