‘Gilmore Girls’: Do You Remember Everyone Lane Kim Dated?

Gilmore Girls may have been about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but the secondary characters made the show special. Lane Kim, Rory’s best friend, was a fan favorite. The rebellious drummer’s desire to break free of her mother’s oppressive rules had fans rooting for her. Lane’s final storyline, however, left fans feeling a little let down. Her marriage to Zach wasn’t what they wanted for her, but Zach wasn’t the only person Lane dated during Gilmore Girls’ original run.

Lane attempted to get a couple of high school relationships off the ground

While Rory was free to date as she pleased, Lane wasn’t afforded the same luxury. In an attempt to fit in with her peers, Lane tried to get a couple of high school relationships off the ground, but they all failed in one way or another. First, Lane took an interest in Todd. Todd was Dean Forrester’s best friend. Lane and Todd went on a double date with Rory and Dean. The date ended after Mrs. Kim and Lorelai showed up at the movie theater because neither was informed of the plan.

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Later, Lane was interested in Henry Cho, a classmate of Rory’s, after meeting him at a party. Henry and Lane had regular phone conversations facilitated by Rory, but could never manage to hook up for an actual date. Henry ended the romance when it became clear that Lane was never going to be able to go on a real date. Lane was also regularly set up on dates by her mother. One of her notable dates, Patrick Cho, kissed Lane on the forehead.

Dave Rygalski disappeared without an explanation

After the Henry Cho debacle, Lane found Dave Rygalski. Lane and Dave were in a band together, but quickly developed feelings. To make it possible to date Lane, Dave pretended to be a Christian guitarist to get on Mrs. Kim’s good side. It worked, and eventually, Dave and Lane were allowed to date, although they had to get through one serious problem before Mrs. Kim decided it was acceptable.

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Lane was set up with Yuing Chui, a friend of the family, by Mrs. Kim as a potential prom date. Yiung Chui, who initially had a girlfriend, ended up developing feelings for Lane. Lane later admitted to her mother, while drunk, that she had no desire to date Yiung Chui and instead was interested in Dave. Lane and Dave were a couple through much of season 4, even though Dave was at school in California. The couple’s breakup was never explained. Adam Brody, who portrayed Dave, left Gilmore Girls to join the cast of The O.C.  

Lane Kim married Zach Van Gerbig

In the end, Lane ended up with Zach Van Gerbig, her bandmate. Lane and Zach’s relationship spanned multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls. While some fans enjoyed Zach’s character, they hated what ended up happening to Lane. The pair dated while living together, before they broke up when Zach’s jealousy ruined their band’s showcase.

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Lane and Zach later got back together and moved back in together after Zach proposed at Luke’s Diner. The duo married and immediately got pregnant with twins. When fans reconnected with Lane in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, she was still married to Zach, although the pair didn’t have more children. Whether they worked through their sexual issues is unknown. Reddit fans largely believe Lane belonged with Dave.