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Instagram seems to be the preferred method of getting the word out about new shows lately. Back in June 2016, a Gilmore Girls Instagram was launched in the lead up to the much-anticipated release of the Netflix revival. The feed was added to regularly in 2016 and early into 2017, and then all went dark. Most fans assumed that a second revival was out of the question when Amy Sherman-Palladino signed a contract to craft content for Amazon, but something interesting has been happening lately. The feed is active again. Could the now active feed hint at a second revival season of Gilmore Girls?

Why is the Gilmore Girls Instagram feed suddenly active again?

The feed kicked back into full gear back in December 2019 to promote the series’ return to UpTV. UpTV, the network that hosts shows like Bringing Up Bates, offered a marathon of the show around the holiday season, hosted by Scott Patterson, the actor who portrayed Luke Danes for all seven seasons. The marathon, however, has come and gone, and the Instagram feed remains active.

The most recent posts, which were shared in the last 30 days, are simple quotes from the series, affixed to a white background with a fallen leaf. Fans have theorized that the fallen leaf décor has something to do with the seasons theme that the revival followed. Netflix nor Amy Sherman-Palladino have commented on the reinvigorated campaign, so it really could mean anything.  

While the feed might not mean anything, several key players are onboard

A reinvigorated Instagram feed may be getting fans hopes up, but it might not actually mean a second revival is coming. Don’t despair, though. Hope appears to be out there. Several key players are on board with the idea of returning for another round in Stars Hollow. Amy Sherman-Palladino has noted that she’s open to the idea and even has a Gilmore clause written into her contract with Amazon.

Lauren Graham, who portrayed Lorelai Gilmore for seven seasons, is open to the idea of returning, too. She even told Kelly Clarkson that she’d be totally into turning the series into a Broadway musical. Keiko Agena, who portrayed Lane Kim, Rory’s best friend, is also interested in reprising her role once again.  

When can we expect to see a second revival, if it happens?

If a second season of the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, does happen, fans will likely need to wait a while. Without an announcement, it can be assumed that the hypothetical series hasn’t even entered pre-production. The first revival season began filming in February 2016, and wrapped in June of the same year, according to Backstage. The series launched on Netflix in November 2016.

If the second revival follows the same format, fans can expect filming to take roughly several months, followed by a few months of postproduction work. The turn around time from filming to release would likely be between 10 months to a year. Since nothing has even been mentioned about another revival, fans would, realistically, need to wait until at least 2021 to meet up with Lorelai, Rory, and Sookie St. James again, if it happens at all.