‘Gilmore Girls’: Emily Gilmore’s 3 Rudest Lines

For the characters on Gilmore Girls, it seemed that there could be nothing more humiliating than receiving a rude comment from Emily Gilmore (played by Kelly Bishop). Whether she was giving a backhanded compliment or just flat out insulting someone, the wealthy housewife’s wrath was undeniable. Emily most often directed her rude comments at her daughter, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), but no one was truly safe from the savagery. Here are some of Emily Gilmore’s rudest lines in Gilmore Girls.

Kelly Bishop attends the 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' premiere
Kelly Bishop attends the ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ premiere. | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Kelly Bishop’s favorite episode features plenty of Emily’s sarcasm

Much of Kelly Bishop’s time on Gilmore Girls was spent delivering blunt, sarcastic, and mean lines, but many of these moments were admittedly funny and memorable. As Cheat Sheet previously reported, one of Bishop’s favorite episodes involved quite a bit of Emily’s sarcasm. The actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she enjoyed the episode where Emily spent the day drinking after she found Trix Gilmore’s (Marion Ross) letter begging Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann) not to marry Emily.

“I was just drunk in every scene. I was smoking cigarettes. It was like my Tennessee Williams episode,” Bishop said.

As fans may recall, Emily delivered some pretty harsh words regarding Trix in that episode. “Personally, I think we should just toss some cheese cubes in the coffin, stuff some toothpicks in her mouth, and let the people go to town,” Emily said. What other savage comments did Emily make during Gilmore Girls‘ seven seasons?

‘You wear that in public?’

Emily often got right to the point. In this scene from Gilmore Girls Season 4 Episode 6, Emily went to Lorelai’s house to deliver the news that she canceled the launch party for Richard’s new business. When she arrived at Lorelai’s home, her daughter made the mistake of answering the door in casual clothing.

“Were you asleep?” Emily asked, thinking that Lorelai was in her pajamas. Lorelai responded that she wasn’t asleep and she wasn’t wearing pajamas. Emily’s reply was short and simple: “You wear that in public?”

Emily wasn’t afraid to let everyone know her opinion, and this time, she wasn’t a fan of Lorelai’s comfortable clothing choice. How dare Lorelai dress comfortably in her own home, right?

‘Hold on, I’m looking up ‘aneurysm’ in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one.’

It would seem alarming to hear this sentence from most people, but coming from Emily Gilmore, it doesn’t seem as much of a surprise. In season 1 episode 5, Emily called Lorelai and expressed how annoyed she was that she couldn’t reach Lorelai all day. Lorelai explained to her mother that she had been busy at a wake, but she felt hesitant to reveal that the wake was for her neighbor’s cat. Still, Lorelai told the truth.

After a moment of silence, Emily delivered this hilariously sarcastic line about having an aneurysm. That’s not exactly the response someone wants to hear when they reveal they attended a wake. But, Emily never saw a wrong moment for a snide remark.

‘You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They’re upstairs, gathering dust, along with the rest of her potential.’


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Emily took every chance she could find to make a comment about Lorelai and the path she chose in life. In Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 3, Emily expressed concern that Rory needed to pick up a sport. She suggested golf, knowing that Richard was an avid golf player and could teach his granddaughter to play.

“You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They’re upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential,” Emily said to Rory.

This comment from Emily had a bit of everything: it was blunt, sarcastic, and just plain rude, yet still pretty funny. It’s a perfect example of the type of one-liners Emily often delivered on Gilmore Girls.