‘Gilmore Girls’: 5 Episodes That Fans Love to Skip, According to Reddit

Many Gilmore Girls fans can likely agree the sitcom has dozens of memorable episodes worthy of a dozen rewatches. However, out of 154 episodes and a reboot season, it’s not surprising that the series also has a few flops. In fact, some viewers have episodes they absolutely can’t stand, to the point where they’ll skip them entirely. Here are some of Gilmore Girls‘ most skip-worthy episodes, as told by fans on Reddit.

Lauren Graham as Lorelai and Alexis Bledel as Rory, sitting by the pool in Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life Summer, one episode that fans prefer to skip
Lauren Graham as Lorelai and Alexis Bledel as Rory in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ — ‘Summer’ | Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Season 3 episode 21, ‘Here Comes the Son’

Gilmore Girls Season 3 Episode 21, “Here Comes the Son,” served as a backdoor pilot to a spinoff about Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) titled Windward Circle. However, the spinoff never moved forward. That’s probably a good thing, considering some fans don’t even watch the pilot anymore.

“Here Comes the Son” follows Jess all the way from Stars Hollow, Connecticut, to Venice Beach, California. He pays a visit to his father and meets his father’s girlfriend and her daughter. The beach scene is certainly a different vibe from that of quaint Stars Hollow, and many viewers aren’t fond of the change.

“The episode is so blah and the storyline with Jess isn’t interesting,” one fan on Reddit shared.

“It just isn’t Gilmore Girls,” another user wrote.

Season 5 episode 5, ‘We Got Us a Pippi Virgin’

Another oft-skipped episode of Gilmore Girls is “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin” in season 5. This one takes place just after Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and Dean Forrester (Jared Padalecki) rekindle their romance, but their relationship is clearly not what it was in high school.

Hoping to revive some of the friendly energy between Dean, Rory, and Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), they all go out together and bring Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) along. By this point, though, there’s already too much animosity between Luke and Dean that it just makes everything awkward. Their double date ends in a very competitive game of Bop-It.

“It was so cringeworthy that [Loreali and Luke] went on a double date with [Dean and Rory] to begin with, then the Bop-It battle was silly, and then Luke acted victorious … over winning at Bop-It?” one Reddit user said of the episode.

Season 6 episode 15, ‘A Vineyard Valentine’

More cringeworthy behavior from Luke has led many fans to skip season 6’s “A Vineyard Valentine,” as well. This time, Lorelai and Luke head off to Martha’s Vineyard for a double date weekend with Rory and Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry). However, Luke sours the romantic getaway for Lorelai with his hatred of the beach, Logan, and the holiday.

Thankfully, the couple talks through Luke’s complaints and Lorelai’s concerns about their wedding before the weekend ends. They enjoy a sweet breakfast in bed together before Mitchum Huntzberger (Gregg Henry) storms in and cuts the trip short. And yet, that brief romantic moment isn’t enough to keep Gilmore Girls fans from skipping the episode.

“All of the characters seem super out of whack, but especially Luke. I don’t understand why they had him be such an a** the whole time,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Season 7 episode 7, ‘French Twist’

Gilmore Girls Season 7 Episode 7, “French Twist,” is the show’s lowest-rated episode on IMDb, so it’s not too surprising that many fans prefer to skip it altogether. The episode sees Lorelai and Christopher Hayden (David Sutcliffe) fly to Paris, where they share a romantic, private meal together (orchestrated by Chris’s wealth). And in a surprise twist, the two end up tying the knot.

While many fans aren’t fond of Lorelai and Chris as a couple in general, the biggest complaint about “French Twist” is that it drags on.

“I simply cannot deal with watching Lorelai and Christopher wander the streets of Paris; I swear we can feel the hours crawling by as slowly as they can,” one viewer wrote on Reddit. “I’m also not impressed by the romantic plot. Lorelai goes way overboard acting like Christopher is so sweet to reserve the restaurant. It’s literally just a matter of him “remembering” he’s wealthy and making a phone call.”

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ — ‘Summer’

Even the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix isn’t safe from a skip. Out of the four episodes in A Year in the Life — “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Fall” — some fans have said they prefer to skip “Summer.” The biggest reason for that? The musical.

In this episode, Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) enlists a playwright to pen an original musical about Stars Hollow. Lorelai joins the review board, and she’s the only one who can see the production’s cringeworthy flaws. Fans even see a few of the musical’s scenes for themselves, but some viewers think this feels too out-of-place and unnecessary.

“The only thing I’ve skipped is the play in AYITL — it makes me SO uncomfortable to watch and it goes on forever. I just can’t do it,” one Redditor wrote.

All episodes of Gilmore Girls are now streaming on Netflix — even the ones fans love to skip.

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