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Rory’s most significant relationship was with Logan, and as Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life let people know, one that Rory just can’t seem to let go of. Sure, Logan Huntzberger might have been the exact opposite of what Lorelai wanted for Rory, but everyone must admit the smooth-talking blonde heir to the Huntzberger fortune did save the day a time or two. Not only did Logan give up his playboy lifestyle for Rory, but he also stepped up to make her happy whenever he could. Love him or hate him, Logan was a charming guy.

He made sure the paper got out in time

After he decided he couldn’t live without Rory, he set out to win her back. While the flowers, candy and a coffee cart were a good start, Logan’s ability to use his family connections to save the day at the newspaper is really what got him back into the good graces of Rory Gilmore.

Logan didn’t care much about the paper himself, but he knew The Yale Daily News was wildly important to Rory, and he sure stepped up during a stressful moment. Logan’s ability to get the paper out was part of the reason she became the editor after Paris was ousted.

He helped Luke out on Valentine’s Day

Ever the gentlemen, Logan made sure Lorelai wasn’t left out of the gift-giving tradition on Valentine’s Day. Aside from inviting Luke and Lorelai on his planned weekend with Rory, he hooked Luke up with a sweet gift to give Lorelai. Dean never did that.

Logan even covered for Luke when the girls noticed their gifts matched, telling the pair that they snuck out to buy them together. Smooth, real smooth. In fact, when all was said and done Logan had won Lorelai over, knowing full well she wasn’t his biggest fan in the earlier days of his relationship with Rory.

He let Rory move in with him

When Paris went insane and stacked all of Rory’s belongings in the hallway, Logan didn’t skip a beat. Not only did he send over friends to move Rory’s stuff, but he welcomed her into his apartment with open arms.

Cohabitating was a first for both Rory and Logan, and while it was a necessity at the moment, Logan seemed excited about the prospect of having his girlfriend living with him. He even let Rory stay in the apartment after he moved to London. Sure, deep pockets made the offer easier, but it was still a nice thing to do.

He gave her sweet gifts

A Birkin bag, a tennis bracelet, a coffee cart; Logan is an excellent gift giver. When he took off for London against his will, he left Rory with an amazing rocket replica as a gift. It took her a few days to figure out its meaning, but it certainly was a heartfelt gift.

Everyone loves a guy who knows how to shop for his lady. Not only did he have excellent taste, but he always seemed to know what Rory would like. He even got the Gilmore girl to appreciate a piece of fruit!