‘Gilmore Girls’: How Many Calories Did Rory and Lorelai Gilmore Eat on a Typical Day?

Gilmore Girls may have been about a mother and daughter duo, but food was an important element. Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore were known for their ravenous appetites and less-than-advanced palates. Do you have any idea how much the coffee-crazed pair ate on a daily basis?  

What did Rory and Lorelai Gilmore eat for breakfast?

The Gilmore ladies generally kept things simple with breakfast. Occasionally, they sat down for omelets at Luke’s Diner, but more often than not, they were having the most important meal of the day on the run. Neither Rory nor Lorelai had particularly healthy tastes, so breakfast generally consisted of Pop-Tarts or donuts and coffee.

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Assuming that Lorelai and Rory enjoyed a traditional cherry Pop-Tart, they would be consuming around 200 calories for one, or 400 calories if they finished a sleeve each. Both appeared to drink their coffee black most of the time, which wouldn’t add anything to their caloric intake.

What did Lorelai and Rory eat for lunch and dinner?

The ladies’ lunch choices were rarely shown, but we can assume Rory ate many of her lunches at Chilton and, later, Yale. According to Michigan Nutrition Standards, the average school lunch contains between 550 and 650 calories.

Presumably, Lorelai ate most of her lunches at the inn, where Sookie St. James whipped up culinary delights daily. The average restaurant meal has about 1,200 calories, according to Time. That, however, is assuming Lorelai was sitting down for a full meal. Being a busy manager, she probably ate on the run, so she likely consumed about 700 to 900 calories for lunch.

Dinner is where things began to add up. Lorelai and Rory both enjoyed meals at Luke’s or pizza deliveries. Assuming the pair both consumed a burger and French fries at the diner, they would have ingested about 900 calories. If they opted for pizza instead, a large pepperoni pizza contains about 2700 calories or 1350 calories for each Gilmore girl.

Rory and Lorelai both enjoyed snacks

Snacking likely added significantly to the number of calories each of the Gilmore girls ingested each day. Whether it was candy sushi or marshmallows from Doosey’s Market, both of the Gilmore’s enjoyed sweet treats. It’s hard to say how much each would consume on a regular basis in terms of snacks, but an average movie night likely added at least 1,000 calories to their daily totals.

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All told, Lorelai and Rory likely ate somewhere between 2600 and 4000 calories each day. Unlikely Luke Danes, neither Rory nor Lorelai believed in “everything in moderation.”