‘Gilmore Girls’: How Many Rooms Were in the Dragonfly Inn?

The Dragonfly Inn was the accomplishment that Lorelai Gilmore was most excited about during the original run of Gilmore Girls. Rory Gilmore was excited, too, as were Luke Danes and Sookie St. James. The inn became incredibly important during the series’ final seasons, and during the Netflix revival, too. For something so important, you’d think fans would know how many rooms were in the inn, but the actual size of the property is still a mystery.

There is some confusion about how many rooms the Dragonfly had

After the Independence Inn burned down, Lorelai and Sookie embarked on their journey to open the Dragonfly Inn. During the course of getting the inn up and running, Lorelai mentioned the number of rooms in the establishment more than once. There is one problem, though; she didn’t seem to know how many rooms the business actually had.

At one point, Lorelai tells Luke that several rooms in the inn have lousy water pressure. She mentions room 15 during her babbling. Based on that episode, one can assume that the inn had at least 15 rooms. The mystery doesn’t end there, though. Lorelai also suggested that the inn had just ten rooms when she spoke to the town about the number of parking spots she would need. Lorelai tells the town that she needs 18 parking spots for ten rooms. If there are only ten rooms, why would she tell Luke that several rooms, including room number 15, has no water pressure?

Once the inn opens, the number of rooms changes, yet again. When Richard and Emily arrive for the test run, Lorelai puts them in a cabin on the property. The cottage is room 12. Assuming that the suite is the last room in the inn, then you’d think the property has 12 rooms. That’s not what Lorelai has said previously, though.

How many rooms does the average inn have?

The number of rooms in an establishment is often dictated by the size of the property, the location of the property, and the type of clientele that they service. An average hotel, for example, has 115 rooms. According to Entrepreneur, an ordinary bed and breakfast has between six and ten rooms, but zoning may limit a bed and breakfast to as few as four guest rooms.

The Dragonfly was neither a bed and breakfast, nor a hotel. A traditional Connecticut inn can range in size from 10 rooms up to 50 depending on the size of the property. The Dragonfly wasn’t a huge property and certainly had fewer than 50 rooms. Michel lamented in the series’ revival that he needed Lorelai to expand the inn to keep him as an employee, she noted that it would be difficult to do so because of the way the property around the inn was zoned.

Will fans get to see more of the inn in another revival season?

The inn was a central storyline in the first revival, and fans think Amy Sherman-Palladino has set it up for a second revival to feature the growing business heavily, too. When fans last left Lorelai and newly pregnant Rory, Lorelai was expanding the inn to create a more service-heavy experience for guests. If that goes as planned, it’s possible fans will see Lorelai navigating the new business, and presumably, they’ll see more of Sookie, too.

A second season isn’t a done deal yet, although the newly-active Gilmore Girls Instagram has given fans some hope that a new season will show up sooner or later. If it does happen, fans are hoping to see more from not only Lorelai and Rory but Luke, Logan, and Michel, too.