‘Gilmore Girls’: If You Really Think About It Luke Danes Wasn’t That Great of a Guy

Gilmore Girls fans were happy to see Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore still together in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. While Luke is largely considered the perfect guy for Lorelai, he had some pretty undesirable traits. One Reddit user pointed out that Luke’s bad behavior often got a pass from fans when the same traits would have been deemed dealbreakers from the other men in Lorelai’s life. So, what were Luke’s most undesirable characteristics?

Luke expected everyone to take his advice

Luke was incredibly reliant on other people in a roundabout way for someone who claimed to be completely self-sufficient. He had an almost pathological need to give people advice. Luke had plenty of thoughts on how his sister, Liz, should live her life. He tried to control the way Lorelai and Rory ate. Luke even butted in when it came to the affairs of random townspeople. In short, Luke was a busybody, but he refused to admit it.

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Jess Mariano pointed out that Luke was actually a terrible person because he imposed his ideals on people, and then made them feel bad when they didn’t live up to his expectations. Jess might have been a difficult teen, but Luke didn’t deal with him in a particularly sensitive way.

Luke Danes was prone to tantrums

When he wasn’t busy handing out advice to just about anyone who sat still long enough, he was incredibly stubborn when it came to taking the advice of other people. Every time Lorelai offered him advice about dealing with Jess, he refused to listen to her. Whenever Taylor Doosey suggested he get involved in town events, he mocked him.

Overall, Luke was incredibly rigid. He refused to consider that other people might have something important to add to a conversation. It is one thing to be independent and self-sufficient, but Luke was prone to tantrums whenever anyone suggested his way of doing things wasn’t correct.

Luke was awful to Lorelai after he found out he had a child

Luke was incredibly insensitive after he found out he had a daughter. Not only did he decide not to tell her that April Nardini existed for months, but once she found out, he completely pushed her away. He also proved himself to be a hypocrite during the April debacle. 

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Luke thought he had a right to tell Lorelai whether or not she could interact with Christopher Hayden. Still, he freely talked to April’s mom, Anna Nardini. Luke even accepted gifts from her without considering how Lorelai would feel about it.