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Amy Sherman-Palladino has been seemingly committed to wrapping up the story of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore in a way that makes their lives come full circle. The last four words of the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life, accomplished just that. Rory walks away from the series pregnant, presumably with Logan Huntzberger’s child. The final words have led fans to hypothesize that Logan was supposed to be to Rory what Christopher Hayden was to Lorelai. There is some evidence, however, to contradict that hypothesis. In fact, if you look closely, Rory and Logan’s relationship mimics Richard and Emily Gilmore’s long-lasting love affair.

Logan’s family disapproved of Rory just like Richard’s family disapproved of Emily’s upbringing

When Logan introduced Rory to his family the first time, things didn’t go well. In fact, Logan’s mother insisted that Rory was not “bred” for life in their family. Rory, although from a well-regarded family, apparently didn’t come from enough money for the Huntzbergers to consider her a viable mate for Logan.

The same happened when Emily married into the Gilmore family. In fact, Richard’s mother, Trix, wrote a letter begging Richard to call off his wedding to Emily. She noted, among other things, that Emily’s background didn’t match the Gilmores’ background. Emily, who didn’t mention much about her own family during the show’s seven-season run, did offer fans a few clues that suggested her family was well-regarded in the community, too. Apparently, though, they didn’t meet Trix’s standards, just like Rory didn’t meet the Huntzbergers’ standards.

Richard was engaged to Pennilyn Lott when he started seeing Emily

Richard and Emily revealed that Richard was actually engaged to another woman when he met and pursued Emily. While Richard never indicates that he was as wild as Logan once was, it’s clear that he did have his moments of youthful bravado, at least based on some stories he told during the run of the series.

When fans meet back up with Logan and Rory, Logan is engaged to an heiress by the name of Odette, who appears to have gotten the Huntzbergers’ seal of approval. He was also carrying on an ongoing affair with Rory during his engagement. While it is never suggested that Emily and Richard’s budding relationship was nearly as scandalous, the involvement of another woman does seem to be a common thread.

Was Rory supposed to be just like Lorelai, or was she always supposed to be a mix of the women who raised her?

When fans first meet Rory, it appeared as though she had almost no relationship with her grandparents. Over the course of the series, both Richard and Emily hint at knowing a fair bit more about Rory than they initially let on. As time passed, their bond grew closer, and it can be argued that Emily and Richard had a hand in raising Rory.

If that is true, then it can be argued that Rory is supposed to be a mix of the women who raised her. She exists half in the tiny town of Stars Hollow and half in high society. Eventually, Rory becomes equally as comfortable in her grandparents’ fancy world as she originally was in Stars Hollow. That would mean that Rory isn’t just like Lorelai. Lorelai actually shunned that world, which is why her connection with Christopher never worked. Rory embraced it, signifying her connection to Logan could still work out, even if it was messy when fans last left off with Rory.