‘Gilmore Girls’: Jared Padalecki’s Favorite Scene Is a Sweet Rory and Dean Moment

Gilmore Girls has seven seasons, not including the Netflix revival. With so many episodes of the TV show, it’s difficult to pick a No. 1 scene let alone a No. 1 episode. But Jared Padalecki does indeed have a favorite scene from the popular series. 

Jared Padalecki visits 'Extra'
Jared Padalecki visits Extra | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jared Padalecki played Dean Forester

Viewers first meet Padalecki as Dean Forester in the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls. New to Stars Hollow, Dean notices Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). 

They hit it off, and over the course of season 1, Dean becomes Rory’s first boyfriend. They date while Rory’s in high school and later when she’s in college.

Padalecki appeared in 63 episodes of Gilmore Girls, according to his acting credits on IMDb. Gilmore Girls Season 5 Episode 18: “To Live and Let Diorama” marked his final appearance on the show.

Jared Padalecki at the WB Network All Star Party
Jared Padalecki at the WB Network All Star Party | J. Vespa/WireImage

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Jared Padalecki’s favorite scene in ‘Gilmore Girls’ is when Rory tells Dean she loves him

Ask any Gilmore Girls fan about major moments in the series and this is one of them. When Rory finally tells Dean she loves him outside of Chilton. Her memorable line is, “Because I love you, you idiot.” 

Turns out, it’s Padalecki’s favorite episode because of this moment.

“I think we’ve all been in the situation where we feel like maybe we’re out of place, maybe we’re not welcome, but we put ourselves out there,” Padalecki told Entertainment Weekly.

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He continued, saying it marked a “redeeming moment” for his character. 

“Dean got to experience putting himself out there, going to a rich school and saying like, ‘I don’t belong here, but I’m going to go because I care about this person,’” Padalecki said. “And then feeling like, ‘Oh, here comes the shame, and then Rory comes and says, ‘I love you, you idiot.’” 

“It was a nice, sort of redeeming moment,” he added.

Rory and Dean reunite in the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 1 finale

The moment happens in the finale episode of the show’s first season: Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 21: “Love, Daisies and Troubadours.”

Dean and Rory had previously split — while celebrating their anniversary — because Rory couldn’t say I love you back to Dean. Rory moped around Stars Hollow and even shared a kiss with Tristan Dugray (Chad Michael Murray) that brought her to tears because she missed Dean. 

It’s followed by a talk with her mom, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), about love and an awkward declaration at a town meeting. Then comes Dean’s surprise visit to Chilton where Rory finally professes her love for Dean. 

Meanwhile, Lorelai gets a marriage proposal from Max Medina (Scott Cohen) complete with 1,000 yellow daisies. The episode ends with Rory and Lorelai sharing their exciting news. 

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