‘Gilmore Girls’: Kirk’s Biggest Blunders

Gilmore Girls had a lot of important characters. Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore may have been the main characters, but the people of Stars Hollow really helped propel the series forward. Kirk Gleason, for example, was one of the most versatile and interesting supporting characters in the series. Not only did he have 15,000 different jobs, but he messed a lot of them up. Do you remember these three big blunders?

A Stars Hollow Easter egg hunt goes awry

Left in control of Stars Hollow’s official Easter Egg hunt, Kirk decides to hide the eggs all over the town square. That would have been great, but Kirk forgot to create a map of where he hid all the eggs, which is apparently standard practice. Instead of finding the missing eggs, Kirk allows them to fester for a week before a smell envelopes the entire town. He, apparently, didn’t realize they would smell.

With Taylor Doose back in town, it becomes apparent that the smell isn’t going to go away, and a massive hunt for the rotting eggs is launched. Luke Danes eventually saves the day, but the entire incident is probably one of Kirk’s biggest blunders. It seems like the people of Stars Hollow had never heard of using plastic eggs, instead of real ones, but we digress.

Kirk installs a security system without Lorelai’s knowledge

With Rory officially off at college, Kirk takes it upon himself to install a security system in Lorelai’s house, to ensure the “pretty spinster” is safe. The notion may have been sweet if you dismiss all of the creepy implications associated with someone basically breaking into a person’s home, but the security system doesn’t exactly work out as planned.

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Instead of offering a layer of protection, the security system goes off at random times, and Lorelai doesn’t have the correct pin to turn it off. When Lorelai calls to get the alarm system deactivated there is no one available to take her call. Instead, she speaks to the cleaning woman who works for the company. When Kirk finally shows up to fix the system, he admits that he doesn’t actually know how to install or repair the systems because the installation class was full when he arrived.

Kirk took to Luke’s to try and drum up business for the Dragonfly Inn

When a financial advisor tells Lorelai and Sookie that the inn needs to stop serving lunch to get their profit margins up, Sookie freaks out. After all, she loves serving food and lunch is essential to her. During her pregnancy-induced craziness, she decides to hire Kirk to drum up business. Sookie never tells him how to get it done, though.

Kirk takes it upon himself to rent a hot dog costume to hand out fliers. He chooses to hand out those fliers in front of Luke’s because, as he explains, Luke’s is where everyone actually goes for lunch. Luke understandably flips out and calls Lorelai to retrieve him. Not only did he pick the worst possible place to drum up business, but he did it in a costume that doesn’t even depict the type of cuisine that The Dragonfly Inn serves.