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Lane Kim was among the most beloved Gilmore Girls characters outside of the main cast members. She appeared in all seven seasons of the show’s original run and even showed up in the Netflix revival. Over the years, fans learned a lot about Lane and her family, but there is one major mystery that hardcore fans can’t ignore. No one knows where Lane got all of her pocket money from, and how she managed to sneak so much past the omnipresent Mrs. Kim.  

Lane manages to amass a makeup and CD collection with Mrs. Kim realizing

Lane was not allowed to work, at least, she wasn’t allowed to work at any location her mother didn’t approve of. During her teen years, she seemed to be directly involved with running the antique shop her family owned, and while she was surely given some pocket money for her time, it hardly seems like enough for an audiophile to amass such a vast collection.

In one scene, Lane claims that she began her collection when she was just six years old. One has to wonder, exactly when a six-year-old child is far enough from their parents to make purchases to squirrel away in their bedroom floorboards. Even if the collection began later, an average CD cost $10-$15 in the early 00s, according to CNN. Lane’s collection was expansive enough that she would need a full-time job to afford the hobby, and Mrs. Kim would have surely noticed that her money was disappearing without having anything to show for it.

What about the drum kit?

Music was Lane’s life, so it makes sense that she would eventually play an instrument. She picked the drums and she set her sights on a pretty sweet drum kit. It is never mentioned how she managed to purchase them from Sophie.

According to Drumming Corner, a standard drum kit runs between $700-$1400. Lane’s kit, although it’s brand is never mentioned, appears to be a DW kit, many of which retail for more than $3,000. The cymbals she uses aren’t cheap either. Cymbals can cost upwards of $300 per piece, not including stands. Perhaps Lane used the money she saved up from working at Luke’s to eventually purchase the kit, but it’s never mentioned.

When Lane moved out, could she really afford rent?

Lane eventually moves out of her mother’s house and rooms with her bandmates, Zach and Brian. By the time she gets the apartment, she’s working at Luke’s, but could she really afford to share a residence on a waitress’s salary? Believe it or not, yes.

Presuming Luke paid Lane a fair wage, she’d likely have made around $7 per hour at the time. A one-bedroom apartment in disrepair likely cost the trio about $1,000 per month. Split three ways, Lane would need to come up with about $350 per month for the apartment. That would be totally doable on her salary and tips.