‘Gilmore Girls’: Lauren Graham Is Horrified Lorelai’s Embarrassing Outfit Came From Her Real Closet

Gilmore Girls had very unique lead characters, by how they talked. But looking back, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) also stood out through her wardrobe and some things she wore was embarrassing. Graham admitted one of those bad outfits came from her real closet.

Lauren Graham admitted to owning one of the outfits

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Shows usually find clothes for actors to wear. But Graham revealed some of her own clothes were used in scenes.

“I’m proud yet horrified to tell you that the entire outfit I’m wearing in the first scene (of Season 4) — the kelly-green EVERYONE LOVES AN IRISH GIRL T-shirt, the Ireland soccer jacket, and the oversized knit pom-pom hat with the word DUBLIN on it — were all from my personal closet,” Graham wrote in her book, Talking As Fast As I Can. “Oh, and the gold clover necklace was mine too. I was really hitting the Irish thing hard.”

Lorelai is seen wearing this outfit in “Ballrooms and Biscotti”. Rory and Lorelai arrive home after backpacking across Europe. Rory looks normal, but Lorelai is wearing the wacky outfit.

They talked about going to Paris, Prague, Turkey, Copenhagen, and we can assume they also went to Ireland by Lorelai’s outfit. Their neighbor, Babette (Sally Struthers) greets them and wants to talk about their trip. But they pretend to be tired so she’ll go home.

She stole something from the show

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Actors usually take something without permission once a show ends. Sometimes its clothes that they like or a prop.

Graham took a picture with a jacket that had the words “Property of Gilmore Girls Costume” on it and shared it on Twitter in 2016. “I CAN NOW CONFIRM: it’s time for me, and this jacket I stole in 2007, to return to work. @netflix#GilmoreGirls,” the star tweeted.

But once the actor returned for new episodes, the wardrobe changed. That was to help tell the story about how the characters have changed.

Their wardrobe on ‘Gilmore Girls’ changed in the revival

Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore on 'Gilmore Girls'
Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore on ‘Gilmore Girls’ | Mitchell Haddad/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

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The show came back for four new episodes in 2016. The original wardrobe designer, Brenda Maben was brought back. But she did change things about how the characters dressed.

“Rory has been traveling the world and writing and spending a lot of time in Europe — that’s reflected in her clothing,” Maben told The Hollywood Reporter. “For Rory, I used a little bit of Burberry and Nanette Lepore, and Tory Burch shoes.”

Lorelai’s outfits also included some more designer clothes. Emily was focused on getting rid of clothes she didn’t enjoy. For the first time we saw her wearing things like a T-shirt. The show definitely stuck to the idea that the clothes should help tell the story.