‘Gilmore Girls’: Lauren Graham Revealed What Was ‘Cruel’ About Acting on the Show

Acting on Gilmore Girls wasn’t easy and that’s mostly because of how it was written. Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore revealed what was the cruel part of doing the show.

‘Gilmore Girls’ would have longer scripts

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The characters of Gilmore Girls were known to talk a lot. It showed how they related to each other and how much they knew by making pop culture references.

But all of that dialogue actually meant the show had longer scripts than a typical show of its kind. A hour-long episode of a show usually has a script of 40 or 50 pages. Gilmore Girls stood out because the script would be 80 pages long.

That usually meant the actors would have to really speed up how they talked to fit it all in. The good thing about that is the show has stood out for being unique, whether you love or hate the pacing of their conversations.

Lauren Graham revealed the cruel thing about the show

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The scripts for the show was full of words so it wasn’t easy to memorize. Sometimes the actors got short notice on changes, which made things even more challenging.

“The blood, sweat, and tears that went into memorizing that language because Amy [Sherman-Palladino] is–bosses are all different,” Graham said in a cast interview with Today. “Some writers don’t mind if you take a little liberty. Some do, and so there was no improvisation.”

Sherman-Palladino said she felt bad for Graham sometimes because she knew she could handle whatever she threw at her. The creator wondered sometimes if the amount of work was cruel.

“It was only cruel when we got it at like 6:45 in the morning when like the rewrites came in. And you’d be like ‘I…uh…are you kidding me?'” Graham said. The actor later said the worst thing she ever did was reveal to the writer that she can memorize quickly because this would happen. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” she said.

She also struggled with some of the show’s storylines

Lauren Graham from the series "Gilmore Girls" attends the 2006 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour
Lauren Graham from the series “Gilmore Girls” attends the 2006 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Fans of the show have strong opinions of what happened between the characters. Many of them don’t like season 6 when Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai don’t speak because she took a break from college.

Graham also said she didn’t enjoy filming that. “I have to admit I struggled with the Lorelai/Rory separation,” she admitted in her book, according to Entertainment Weekly. “It went on for a while, and Lorelai was so crabby with her for several episodes, not to mention that I missed my favorite scene partner.” 

However, the actor claimed the show creator thought something about the mother-daughter relationship would have to change eventually. “I remember talking about it with Amy, who felt it was important developmentally that this always-close relationship hit a significant growing pain,” she revealed. “Still, I felt bad in scenes where I kept holding a grudge.”

It’s a good thing Rory and Lorelai reunited. But it goes to show the role wasn’t always easy.