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Logan Huntzberger ended up being Rory Gilmore’s most significant love interest. Not only was he her beau through college, but he was even ready to get married when the series ended. When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life picked back up, Rory and Logan were still sleeping together, although they were both involved with other people. A bond like that is hard to break, but can you believe that Logan and Rory almost didn’t happen? In fact, Logan was never supposed to be Rory’s romantic partner.  

A character named Graham Sullivan was supposed to woo Rory

Fans of the show may remember that Rory headed out on a date curated by her grandmother at the end of Season 4. Emily Gilmore shows up to Rory’s dorm and introduces her to Graham Sullivan, a friend of the family. Rory agrees to meet up with him and a group of friends to celebrate the end of the school year. By the time they get to a local bar, however, Rory has soured on the evening and refuses the offer to continue with the group’s bar crawl.

Graham tells Rory that he feels terrible just leaving her, but does so anyway. She eventually calls Dean to pick her up from a shady part of town, and that event seems to be the catalyst for the duo’s affair and subsequent, short-lived relationship in Season 5. The character was never seen again, not even at Richard and Emily’s vow renewal ceremony. The role of Graham may seem like a quick blip in the grand scheme of things, but that’s not what was intended. Graham was supposed to have a much more significant role in the series. He was supposed to be Rory’s love interest, according to Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Why did Amy Sherman-Palladino switch things up?

The actor who played Graham, Teddy Dunn, may be recognizable to fans of Veronica Mars. Dunn took on the role of Duncan Kane in the series. His work on Veronica Mars is what actually pulled him away from Gilmore Girls. According to IMDB, Dunn was supposed to take on a recurring role in the series, but Veronica Mars was picked up instead.

Dunn decided to take on the more expansive role on Veronica Mars and abandon his recurring role on Gilmore Girls. When Dunn pulled out, Sherman-Palladino was forced to recast Rory’s next love interest. The character of Logan, portrayed by Matt Czuchry, was born.

While it’s been suggested that the character of Graham was supposed to date Rory during her college years, it’s unknown how far that relationship would have gone, and if it would have played out the same way Rory’s relationship with Logan did. If you look closely, though, you may find a few similarities between Logan and Graham.

If you think about it, Logan and Graham share a lot of similarities

Logan and Graham were too different characters, but if you look at them closely, you may notice some pretty significant similarities. Rory and Logan’s relationship doesn’t get off to the best start. Rory is pretty irritated by Logan off the bat, and it seemed to be the same for her relationship with Graham. Logan eventually wins Rory over, though, and it can be assumed that Graham would have ultimately done the same.

The similarities don’t end there, though. Logan and Graham are both from upper-crust families that know the Gilmores. As Emily mentions, Graham’s family has known the Gilmores for years. She even alleges to have seen him in diapers. Logan’s family is also well acquainted with the Gilmores. Logan shows up at a party and is on a first-name basis with both Richard and Emily, indicating a long-standing relationship. Both also attended Yale, and both apparently have a wild streak that is hidden from the more conservative adults in their lives. All-in-all, Sherman-Palladino likely didn’t have to change much when Dunn backed out of the gig if you look at the two characters.