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Rory Gilmore’s love life has been hotly debated for more than a decade. Gilmore Girls fans seem to fall into one of three camps. Some believe that Rory should have ended up with her first love, Dean Forrester, while others think she was best suited for the resident bad boy, Jess Mariano. Still, others believe Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s college boyfriend, was her true love. There is one problem, though. Rory turned down Logan’s proposal, and fans have been debating the efficacy of that decision since it happened. So, should Rory have accepted Logan’s proposal?

Did Logan and Rory make a good pair?

Logan is considered, by many, to be Rory’s most significant romantic relationship. While Dean was Rory’s first love, and Jess seemed to be her intellectual equal, Logan and Rory’s relationship happened during a pivotal time in her life. Did they make a good pair, though?

At first, it didn’t seem like their relationship was particularly healthy, but over time, things appeared to stabilize. Logan also represented two worlds for Rory. Wildly wealthy, Logan was a lot like the Gilmores. His free-spirit and rebellious nature also made him similar to Lorelai Gilmore. Theoretically, those qualities should have made him a perfect match for Rory, who was also straddling two undeniably different worlds.  

Would Rory’s life have been different if she accepted his proposal?

When fans catch back up with Rory, she’s in her 30s and seemingly lost. She’s in a relationship with someone she can barely remember, and she’s flying off to London as often as possible to shack up with her former love. Logan’s inclusion in the revival season has forced many fans to question whether or not Rory’s life would be different if she had accepted his marriage proposal.  

It’s safe to say that Logan, while free-spirited, likely would have provided Rory with some stability, and certainly could have helped Rory with her career aspirations. Marrying into the Huntzberger family certainly wouldn’t have hurt her job options, at the very least, and Logan seemed perfectly fine with the notion of Rory focusing on her career. However, it’s possible all that could have changed the moment a ring was on her finger. Show creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, however, did not pen the seventh season of the series, and likely never would have written in a proposal in the first place.

Should the duo end up together, if a second revival season is produced?

A second revival season has not yet been announced, but a now-active Instagram account has given fans some hope that Sherman-Palladino will craft at least one more season of the famed show. If it does happen, should Rory and Logan end up together? Some fans believe the pair are better apart, while others see Rory and Logan finally making it work.

For fans who believe Logan is Rory’s Christopher Hayden, their relationship is simply not built to last, regardless of how much they care for each other. Logan fans, however, argue that Rory and Logan’s relationship is markedly different from Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher. Logan, in many ways, brought out the best in Rory and vice versa. It could be argued that Logan would step up and care for the child that many fans believe is his, although it is still unknown if Rory would entertain the idea of settling down with the father of her child.