‘Gilmore Girls’: Teenage Lorelai and a Young Rory Appeared in a Deleted Flashback Scene

Fans of Gilmore Girls probably remember the tune to the series’ theme song fondly. The WB first premiered the award-winning series in 2000, and Gilmore Girls aired for seven seasons. Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore were the sensational mother-daughter combo the series revolved around.

However, as the audience probably recalls, there were many other characters who joined them in their journeys throughout Stars Hollow and life. Many fans of Gilmore Girls were pleasantly surprised when they got to see deleted footage from the beloved show. Take a look back at the popular dramedy and the scene that showed the rare content of teenage Lorelai and a young Rory. 

(L-R) Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham sit next to each other on 'Gilmore Girls'
(L-R) Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore, Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore on ‘Gilmore Girls’ | The WB/Mitchell Haddad/Getty Images

The cast and characters of ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Lauren Graham portrayed the famous Lorelai Gilmore. Graham’s character was known for her extreme love of coffee, junk food, and, of course, her daughter, whom she had when she was only 16. Rory, played by Alexis Bledel, was her mother’s partner in crime. 

Before Melissa McCarthy‘s movie career took off she took on the character of Sookie St. James. Audiences probably remember Sookie for her talented cooking abilities and BFF status with Lorelai.

Speaking of best friends, Keiko Agena, who has recently appeared in Fox’s Prodigal Son, played the part of Lane Kim, Rory’s ride-or-die. Of course, no one could forget Luke Danes, played by Scott Patterson, the grumpy but charming local diner owner who always had an undeniable connection and chemistry with Lorelai. 

The most memorable moments and storylines from ‘Gilmore Girls’

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There were many characters to join the cast in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. From Lorelai’s parents to the town’s troubadour, Gilmore Girls was in no short supply of talent or storylines. However, some were a little more memorable than others. 

Though their love story never quite worked out, who could ever forget the iconic scene when Max proposed to Lorelai via one thousand yellow daisies? As for love stories, there were quite a few to take place on Gilmore Girls. Rory and Jess’ tumultuous romance is still gut-wrenching for many fans.

With that being said, of course, the authentic yet entertaining series naturally included its fair share of heartbreaks. Audiences felt for Rory when Dean broke up with her in the middle of the dance marathon during season 3. Speaking of season 3, there was one episode that Gilmore Girls‘ fans were pleasantly surprised to discover had some rare deleted footage. 

Teenage Lorelai and a young Rory appeared in a deleted flashback scene 

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Season 3 of Gilmore Girls was a pivotal one for many reasons. With college on the horizon, Rory found herself faced with many challenging and emotional decisions. As for Lorelai, the Independence Inn caught fire indirectly forcing the young and single mom to move ahead with her plans to open her own inn with Sookie.

Fans remember the season 3 episode with flashbacks to a teenage Lorelai finding out she was pregnant with Rory and coming to terms with what that would mean for her future. That wasn’t the only time a flashback was filmed for season 3.

In the season 3 finale, Rory graduated from Chilton, and the mother-daughter pair were preparing to leave for their big trip to Europe. The deleted scene, which you can watch on YouTube, showed Lorelai and Rory, both in the present and past, walking around the inn as they prepared to say goodbye to it and so much more.

Viewers of Gilmore Girls always knew that the Independence Inn was Lorelai and Rory’s home for so long, but they rarely shared flashbacks from Lorelai’s youth. Even though the scene didn’t quite make the cut, fans were still pleased to have an opportunity to see into the characters’ past.