‘Gilmore Girls’: The Show’s 3 Weirdest Storylines

During its seven-season run, Gilmore Girls became known for its witty banter and complex relationship dynamics. Funny, wholesome, and a little bit quirky, the majority of the storylines depicted in the series were well-curated. That doesn’t mean everything was perfectly done, though. There were at least three plotlines that, frankly, were just a little bit weird.

Rory’s college friend becomes a super stalker

When Rory Gilmore started Yale she befriended Marty, the naked drunk guy she ran into in the hallway. Their friendship was uncomplicated and straightforward at first, but, as many fans have noticed, Amy Sherman-Palladino could not just give Rory a male friend who wasn’t obsessed with her. Marty eventually confessed his feelings, only to be brutally rebuffed by Rory, who was infatuated with Logan Huntzberger.

That would have been fine. Marty could have walked off into the sunset, and that could have been the end of it. Fans would have probably been okay with that, but Marty eventually resurfaced in Season 7, and he was way creepier than when fans first encountered him. Not only was he dating Rory’s friend, but he refused to admit he knew Rory. Add in the fact that Marty and Lucy met after he showed up at every single one of her performances, and the creepy factor grows. Marty’s character development was one bizarre ride.

A surprise child for Luke was definitely unexpected

The introduction of Luke Danes’ estranged daughter was a weird plot twist that most fans didn’t see coming. There were roughly a million different ways the situation could have played out, but Sherman-Palladino decided to make Luke a complete jerk, leading to the duo’s eventual breakup.

Look, it makes perfect sense that Luke was shocked by April. He had no idea she existed. The fact that he was totally okay with welcoming both April and her mother, Anna Nardini, into his life, while pushing his fiancée to the wayside was really weird, and surprisingly out of character for Luke. Not only did he not tell Lorelai Gilmore about the situation for two months, but then he refused to let her anywhere near April. He also seemed to think Anna’s behavior was totally normal. The whole thing was just strange.

The Gilmore ladies make really odd decisions when emotionally distressed

Lorelai, Emily Gilmore, and Rory all had very strange ways of dealing with emotional upheaval. Emily, when confronted with an issue, seemed to enjoy spending large sums of money for absolutely no reason at all. In Season 4, Emily ran through a department story ordering anything and everything she could find when Richard refused to shave his mustache. In Season 6, she tried to buy a plane when Rory moved out.

Emily isn’t the only Gilmore lady prone to pretty nonsensical behavior when upset. Lorelai took off on a long road trip when she decided marrying Max Medina was a bad idea, and she later slept with Christopher when Luke didn’t immediately jump at her offer to elope. Lorelai’s coping skills when distressed seemed to include a lot of running, whether it’s away from the area or into the arms of a safety net.

Rory, on the other hand, took to felonious acts when faced with emotions she didn’t know how to process. In Season 1, she stole cornstarch after her first kiss. In Season 5, she stole a yacht when Mitchum Huntzberger told her she wouldn’t make a good journalist. For three smart women, they sure made weird decisions when faced with difficulties.