‘Gilmore Girls’: What Ever Became of Lindsay Lister?

ls was a mostly light, mostly feel-good series about a mother-daughter duo navigating life in a Connecticut town together. That doesn’t mean the series didn’t have controversial moments, though. Dean Forrester’s marriage to Lindsay Lister and how it ended is one of the most contentious story arcs of the series. After the couple ended their marriage, fans didn’t see Lindsay again, leaving some to wonder what became of her in the end.

Lindsay Lister first appeared on Gilmore Girls at a hockey game

Dean and Rory’s breakup was traumatic for Dean, but it didn’t stop him from eventually moving on with his life. By the winter after the breakup, he was involved with Lindsay. Lindsay made her first appearance on Gilmore Girls during the third season. She first appeared in “Face Off,” an episode that found the Stars Hollow High School hockey team in a championship game.

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After she was introduced as Dean’s girlfriend, she made a couple of brief appearances before Dean announced his intention to marry. The relationship, which was deemed “adorable’ by Lorelai and Sookie St. James, moved exceedingly fast and ended in an epic meltdown after Lindsay found out Dean had cheated on her.

Lindsay was last seen walking through the town square with her mother, Theresa

Lindsay’s first and last appearances on the show both revolved around her relationship with Dean. When fans last saw her, Lindsay was walking through the town square with her overbearing mother, Theresa. In the scene, Lindsay didn’t utter a word, but Theresa sure had a lot to say about Rory’s letter to Dean.

Arielle Kebbel and Jared Padalecki attend the premiere of 'The Whole Ten Yards'
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Once Theresa told Lorelai and Rory to “go to hell,” she grabbed Lindsay’s hand, and they powerwalked off in the opposite direction. That’s the last anyone saw of either one of them, but Dean did mention Lindsay well into the fifth season. Fans never found out when their divorce was finalized. Eventually, Dean vanished from the show just as mysteriously as Lindsay. 

What became of Lindsay Lister?

After Theresa gave Lorelai and Rory a verbal thrashing in the town square, Viewers never saw Lindsay again. Sure, Dean mentioned her name a time or two during the show’s fifth season, but she never actually showed up also, leaving fans to wonder exactly what, if anything, happened to her.

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Arielle Kebbel, the actor who portrayed Lindsay on the show, has some ideas. She told Entertainment Weekly that she believes Lindsay would have mastered the art of making meatloaf and would be making it for her gal pals. In short, she doesn’t seem to think Lindsay would have remarried after her doomed teenaged romance. Dean, on the other hand, did remarry. When fans caught up with him in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Dean mentioned that he was married with several children and had another on the way. He did leave Stars Hollow, though.