‘Gilmore Girls’: What Ever Happened To Jason Stiles’ Lawsuit?

Luke Danes is undoubtedly the man that most fans wanted to see Lorelai Gilmore end up with. They got their wish, and the pair walked away from the Gilmore Girls’ revival happily together. While Luke is a fan favorite where love interests are concerned, Lorelai had more than a couple of fascinating suitors. Jason Stiles, Lorelai’s boyfriend, and Richard Gilmore’s business partner, during the fourth season, is still a much-discussed character. Not only because he dated Lorelai, but because a critical storyline involving Jason was abandoned after he left the series. So, whatever happened to Jason’s lawsuit against Richard?

Why did Jason sue Richard?

Jason’s relationship with Lorelai appeared to have been the catalyst behind Richard’s decision to cut Jason out of his company and badmouth him around town. According to Jason, Richard’s decision jeopardized his entire career. At one point, he was seriously considering moving away. Instead, Jason decides to fight Richard in the form of a lawsuit, effectively ending his relationship with Lorelai in the process.

The last time fans saw Jason, he was hanging out at the Dragonfly desperate to speak with Lorelai about their relationship. The conversation never happens and eventually, Jason leaves the inn to deal with a fake fire at his apartment complex. Lorelai and Luke end up kissing for the first time that same evening, and Jason is never heard from again. That leaves the lawsuit up in the air. Did it ever happen? Was it ever settled? Based on the revival, it must have been.

Presumably, the lawsuit was somehow settled

While Jason walked off into the sunset during Gilmore Girls’ fourth season, fans can assume that the suit was somehow settled. Jason showed up in the Netflix revival, and he didn’t just show up anywhere. Jason was on hand to pay his respects at Richard’s funeral. The funeral was written into the series to honor the death of Edward Herrmann, the actor who portrayed Richard for seven seasons. Herrmann died in 2014 from brain cancer, according to Vanity Fair.

Jason speaks kindly of Richard when he runs into Lorelai at the event, but notes he was actively avoiding Emily. Emily was far from fond of Jason during his time on the series. She first showed her distaste for Jason when he admitted he wanted to partner with Richard to get back at his father, Floyd Stiles. Floyd was Richard’s boss for years before pushing him into retirement. Based on his kind words, one can assume the lawsuit was resolved somewhat amicably.

Will Jason Stiles appear in a second revival?

The first revival season brought together most of the show’s favorite characters. There were appearances made by Dean Forrester, Jason, Jess Mariano, and even Sookie St. James.  Whether or not those characters would pop up again in a second revival is unknown. To be honest, Jason doesn’t have a lot to do with the current happenings in Stars Hollow. It’s been years since he and Lorelai last dated, and while he may still be carrying a torch for her, Lorelai is happy with Luke, meaning Jason’s reemergence would be pretty weird.

A second revival is not a given, anyway. While there is some hope that the gang will get back together for another season, nothing is set in stone. A revived Instagram account and the buy-in from stars like Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai, and Keiko Agena, who played Lane Kim, could mean a second season will happen. Fans will just need to wait and see how that plays out, but the mystery of Jason’s lawsuit will very likely be a non-issue.