‘Gilmore Girls’: Who Would Rory End up With in a Second Revival?

Evidence is mounting that the Gilmore girls will return to Stars Hollow one more time. Fans have waited three years for word of the second season of Netflix’s smash hit, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and the pieces seem to be falling into place. While it is not known when a potential second season will be released, or what streaming giant it will call home, it’s still fun to speculate about what will happen. It’s pretty much a given that Rory’s love life will take center stage, but what no one can agree on is who she will end up with when all is said and done.

Will Rory return to her very first love?

Rory’s relationship with Dean Forrester is the perfect example of what happens to most teen relationships. Rory and Dean met young, their feelings were strong, and they eventually grew apart. Their second attempt at a relationship, once Rory was a student at Yale, ended because their lives were so markedly different. Dean, very literally, did not belong in Rory’s world, and Rory seemingly didn’t belong in Dean’s either.

While Jared Padalecki, the actor who portrayed Dean, made a cameo appearance in A Year in the Life, it’s apparent that his life and Rory’s life could not possibly be more different. Dean is married with children, while Rory, presumably fed by her trust fund, is still trying to find herself. While the pair made a cute couple as teens, their lives were never meant to be intertwined forever. If a second revival does happen, it’s unlikely Dean will even show up.

Could Rory and Jess revisit their relationship?  

Rory and Jess Mariano have always had a pretty complicated relationship. There are plenty of reasons to kind of hate Jess, actually, but there are also a few reasons to think he might be what Rory needs to figure her life out. Jess and Rory’s timing was never right, but as adults, Jess actually seems more mature than Rory, and he might finally be a good influence on the always-studious Rory, notes Entertainment Weekly.

The final scene that Jess appears in during A Year in the Life might hint at a potential reunion, too. Luke Danes asks Jess if he’s over Rory. He doesn’t answer the question, but it seems pretty evident that he isn’t and probably never will be. It’s obvious that Jess is supposed to be to Rory what Luke is to Lorelai. Since Luke and Lorelai end up together, it’s possible that Rory and Jess could end up together, too. For some fans, though, that full-circle ending would seem pretty cheesy. After all, Lorelai and Rory are still pretty different people.  

Will Rory and Logan work it out?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Logan Huntzberger is the father of Rory’s baby. While there is a slim chance that, Paul, the guy Rory was technically dating during the revival, could be the father, it seems pretty likely that baby Gilmore’s father is Logan.  There is one serious problem, though. Logan is engaged to someone else. Will he leave Odette to run away with Rory? Anything is possible.

The real question is whether Rory will want to be in Logan’s world. She certainly seems comfortable around him. Their romantic relationship has lasted longer, in several different forms, than any of Rory’s other romantic relationships, too. Is that enough for Rory and Logan to make things work? We guess Amy Sherman-Palladino will have the final say; if there is ever a chance for a final say.