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It’s those curveballs that teach you the most about life. Trust Elena Cañero-Reed, she knows there are plenty of curveballs in middle school. The latest Disney+ original (and exclusive) series follows this bright and spirited 12-year-old Cuban-American as she navigates school, friendships, family, and relationships. There may even be an appearance from Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez.

Is Gina Rodriguez in Diary of a Future President? Here’s what we know about the latest series on Disney’s streaming platform.

Tess Romero and Gina Rodriguez of 'Diary of a Future President'
Tess Romero and Gina Rodriguez of ‘Diary of a Future President’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Gina Rodriguez stars as the President in Disney+’s newest original series

You may know her from Someone Great or from Jane the Virgin. Now, Gina Rodriguez is stepping from the spotlight into a role as an executive producer. Disney+ recently premiered its series, Diary of a Future President, which sometimes includes a cameo from this Golden Globe-winning actress.

Other cast members include Charlie Bushnell as Bobby, Elena’s smelly yet endearing older brother, Selenis Leyva (formerly of Orange Is the New Black) as Elena and Bobby’s mother Gabi Cañero-Reed, and Michael Weaver (Here and Now). The title character is portrayed by both Gina Rodriguez, as the adult version of Elena, and Tess Romero, as the tweenager.

What is ‘Diary of a Future President’ about?

Sure, everything is new and exciting when you’re 12-years-old, but it’s also pretty scary. As a newcomer to middle school, Elena has a few new obstacles in her path. There are cliquey friends, more classes, and drama at home.

Diary of a Future President follows Elena Cañero-Reed as she recounts her day-to-day life, which leads her to become the President of the United States. Many of her stories are explained through diary entries, in a diary Elena’s father left for her. As the trailer for the series states says, “we’re all just trying to figure things out.” But it’s a lot better figuring things out together.

Other big names in Hollywood collaborated on this project. That includes the series creator Ilana Peña, a writer on the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Diary of a Future President was first announced by Disney earlier in 2019, ahead of their streaming platform’s launch date.

However, it’s unclear if this series will return for its second season. (Some Disney+ series’, including High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian have already been renewed by this company.)

The Disney+ original series, ‘Diary of a Future President,’ is created by Ilana Peña

As a Disney+ original series, Diary of a Future President holds 10 episodes, which premiere on a weekly basis on this streaming platform. The first episode debuted on Jan. 17, 2020 and since then, some fans shared their love for the diversity and representation this original comedy series holds.

“To me, this show represents limitless possibility — not just for young girls or Latinx families who may not have seen themselves on screen before,” Series creator Ilana Peña said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “but for anyone who’s experienced the vulnerable, glorious journey of growing up.”

Episodes of Diary of a Future President premiere on a weekly basis on Disney’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.