‘Girl Meets Farm’: Molly Yeh’s ‘Addictive’ and ‘Quick and Easy’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Recipe Has 1 Surprise Ingredient

Food Network star Molly Yeh is a huge fan of a quick dessert recipe. The busy mother of two is always searching for a sweet treat she can whip up in no time. This perfect and tasty combination of chocolate and peanut butter does the trick. The Girl Meets Farm star relies on one secret ingredient, an everyday pantry staple, to make these tasty morsels chewy and unforgettable.

Molly Yeh smiles in a photograph, she stars in Food Network's "Girl Meets Farm."
Molly Yeh | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Food Network calls this recipe one of Molly Yeh’s best desserts

The Food Network included this tasty recipe in a group of creations included as part of Yeh’s best desserts.

These addictive bars are a quick and easy way to get dessert on the table in no time at all.

This creamy and chewy delight is a perfect dessert for a busy mother of two.

Yeh is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her second daughter, Ira.

The television personality and husband, Nick Hagen, are also parents to a daughter, Bernie.

The Girl Meets Farm star is gearing up to film new episodes of her cooking series and the debut of her latest cookbook, “Home is Where the Eggs Are,” this September.

Yeh called this super-indulgent treat “a midwest classic” in a Food Network YouTube video clip.

“They are so sweet and satisfyingly chewy,” Yeh declared.

One secret ingredient sends these bars over-the-top

Molly Yeh’s chewy chocolate peanut butter bars are a midwestern classic.

Yeh incorporates a classic peanut butter and chocolate combination to make these delicious treats.

However, the bars’ chewy texture comes from the inclusion of cereal flakes.

“These flakes help achieve the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy texture,” Yeh said,

The core ingredients include sugar, light corn syrup, vanilla, kosher salt, and unsweetened peanut butter.

Also necessary are cereal flakes, such as Special K, dark chocolate and butterscotch chips, and flaky salt.

The method includes combining the sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and salt over medium heat and cooking until sugar dissolves.

Stir in peanut butter, followed by cereal.

These items are then poured into a prepared pan and packed down firmly and evenly with a spatula. Scatter the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips all over the top.

Molly Yeh’s secrets to the perfect dessert recipe

Molly Yeh's Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
Molly Yeh’s Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars | Food Network/YouTube

“These come together so quickly,” Yeh added of her chocolate and peanut butter bars.

“They are a no-bake treat,” the Food Network star explained.

However, she does have several secrets to creating the perfect dessert bite.

Yeh utilizes her oven to expertly melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips that top the peanut butter mixture.

When the sweet treat comes out of the oven, the chips remain intact but softened.

However, Yeh uses an offset spatula to spread the melted topping over the top of the bars, creating a thick and satisfying layer of chocolate and butterscotch goodness. She tops it with flaky salt and sprinkles.

The dessert has both sweet and tangy notes.

“They’re so cute!” says an enthusiastic Yeh in the video.

The complete recipe for Molly Yeh’s chocolate and peanut butter bars is available on The Food Network website.

Girl Meets Farm airs Sundays at 11 a.m. EST on The Food Network.

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