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Split was a well-received movie that had a twist ending tying it to Unbreakable. Now the M. Night Shyamalan trilogy is coming to together with Glass. The original story looks like a twist on the superhero movie. Since superhero movies are taking over the box office, some may assume that there are plans for more sequels but is that true? Here is everything to know about whether there will be more movies expanding the universe of the trilogy.

M. Night Shyamalan said he’s done with this universe after Glass

Split | Universal Pictures

In the movie, Unbreakable David Dunn (Bruce Willis) survived a train crash and realized that he’s unbreakable. He is also very perceptive of dangerous people. Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) who has fragile bones becomes a villain nicknamed Mr. Glass. Split was later released showing a man named Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) who has 23 personalities kidnapping girls. Glass shows Dunn reuniting with Mr. Glass then coming across Kevin Wendell Crumb and his personalities.

It took some time for this original movie universe to be built. So fans of the sci-fi movie might be disappointed to find out that the director doesn’t plan on returning to this world again.

I have a lot of original stories I want to tell,” M. Night Shyamalan told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m an original filmmaker and I want to keep on telling new stories and new characters. It’s fun for me to figure out a new language, and then learn it, and try to get an audience in two hours to learn, and accept it, and really find their way.”

He teased what he plans to do next with, “Well, I’ve got two ideas and I guess after Glass opens, I’ll start to write them” and “I’m trying to decide which to do next. I’m leaning towards one over the other for the next one.”

The director also said he has to be inspired in order to expand the story

M. Night Shyamalan is smiling on the red carpet.
M. Night Shyamalan | Kiyoshi Ota/Paramount via Getty Images

There still might be a chance that Shyamalan will return to the universe. When asked if he plans on more sequels he told Den of Geek “No.” But then he said “You never know. I have to be inspired. The opportunity to do it is a turn-off – you know, that that could be a motivating factor feels not great as a writer.”

It’s possible that there could be more movies given there were 16 years between Unbreakable and Split. The writer said the endgame was always having his three characters come together. “I always wanted it to be David, Kevin, and Elijah. That was always in my head. And there was always the sense that we were going to end up in a mental institution. That was always there.”

So there aren’t any concrete plans to expand the universe around David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and Kevin Wendell Crumb. However, it seems possible that there could be something more in the future if M. Night Shyamalan gets inspired.

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