Glenn Close Wins Oscar Night by Shaking Her Thing to ‘Da Butt,’ and People Are Impressed

Anyone who tuned in for the 93rd Academy Awards quickly took note of the fashions, wins, and upsets for the night. Social media had a field day over Halle Berry’s appearance, the revelation that a Pinocchio movie came out in 2020, and one leading lady’s show-stopping dance moves.

Of course, we are referring to Glenn Close and the fact that she did “Da Butt” on TV.

Was she waiting for this big Oscars moment? It doesn’t matter because people loved it.

Glenn Close arrives on the red carpet of The 93rd Oscars at Union Station
Oscar nominee Glenn Close arrives on the red carpet of The 93rd Oscars at Union Station in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, April 25, 2021 | Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Glenn Close impressed the internet with her semi-twerk at the Oscars

Esteemed actor Glenn Close attended the awards show as she earned her eighth nomination for her role in Hillbilly Elegy. Though much ado is being made over the fact that she once again went home without an Oscar, she scored big points for another performance.

This year, producers included a segment called “Questlove’s Oscar Trivia,” a movie music-themed game for celebrities in attendance. Lil Rel made his rounds around Union Station with the mic, and eventually landed on Close.

Questlove played a snippet of E.U.’s “Da Butt,” and Lil Rel assumed Close wouldn’t know the song. But she did, and she rattled off facts about it. It was featured on the soundtrack for School Daze, Spike Lee’s 1988 film about college life at an HBCU.

Close not only knew the names of the band members, but she gave them a shout-out. She then proceeded to show what the song is all about — a dance called “Da Butt.” Did anyone have “Glenn Close shakes her rump on the Oscars” on their 2021 Bingo card? Didn’t think so.

She did it to rave reviews and wound up going viral.

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Fans hit ABC’s Instagram page with comments such as, “Truly love Glen Close!! This made my entire night!!” and “Now give my good sis her Oscar.” Twitter users showered her with praise while chuckling at the unexpected moment.

Legendary band E.U. created ‘Da Butt’  

Close shut down the trivia segment with her correct answers, and for those who are unfamiliar, E.U. has been around for decades. The initials stand for Experience Unlimited, and as Close pointed out, they’re from the D.M.V. region — aka D.C., Maryland, Virginia.

The funk/go-go band has been together since they were kids. Lead singer/bassist Sugar Bear always named Jimi Hendrix as one of their influences, and the group’s name is inspired by him.

During an interview with Walker Redds, he explained that Spike Lee happened to be in town and stopped by the club where they were performing.

The director introduced himself and offered E.U. an opportunity to be in School Daze. Sugar Bear said two weeks after E.U. recorded “Da Butt,” the record took off on the radio and became a hit.

But the band has been in the game for a long time with a collection of popular songs, including “Buck Wild” and “Taste of Your Love.” They still perform live and as go-go trailblazers, have a loyal following.

After the way she turned the Oscars out, Glenn Close may earn a new following herself — even without the gold trophy.