Gloria Estefan Wrote This Jennifer Lopez Hit in the Late ’90s

After decades in the celebrity spotlight, there aren’t many songs of Jennifer Lopez’s that aren’t well-known and talked about, let alone still making their way into many of our dance parties. And let’s face it, her performances have been far from diminishing with time — just look at Lopez and Shakira‘s Super Bowl half-time show appearance.

Although Jenny from the Block co-writes and writes some of her songs, she does not write the majority of her big hits. In fact, one big hit is actually accredited to Gloria Estefan — a singer/songwriter that has written a substantial number of big hits for herself and other well-known artists. 

Jennifer Lopez first performed ‘Let’s Get Loud’ in June 2000

Lopez has had a ton of hit dance singles in her career, and the dance-pop song Let’s Get Loud is certain among the top 10 (if not, top five). The song even earned Lopez her second nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording (with “Waiting for Tonight” earning her the first nomination).

Not only does it incorporate her Latin roots, but the artist has used it as a call to action for change. 

The single has also become a part of Lopez’s political statements, representing her Latin heritage and POC. According to Newsweek, “Lopez used the song, which was released in 1999, to speak for her Black Lives Matter and immigration views, making it a politician charm of sorts in places Lopez hopes to see change.”

Not only did she add the signature song into President Joe Biden’s inauguration, but she also sang it alongside her daughter at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. At this time, they were draped in a Puerto Rican flag with children sitting at the bottom of the stage in cages (referencing immigrant children being separated from their families). 

Gloria Estefan wrote the song for herself but passed it along to J. Lo

Jennifer Lopez onstage
Jennifer Lopez performs onstage during Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert To Reunite The World. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

While it’s not as often well-known by fans, some artist’s biggest songs weren’t originally made by them — or even with them in mind. In fact, Jenny from the Block‘s “Let’s Get Loud” was actually written by Estefan for herself but was offered to Lopez when the singer realized it was much too similar to pieces she has written in the past.

According to Insider, “Gloria Estefan wrote the dance hit in the late ’90s, but reportedly decided it was too similar to her past hits and gave it to Jennifer Lopez instead, who used it on her debut studio album On the 6.

The magazine adds that “you can still hear Estefan’s take on the song, which was used as a bonus track for her 2011 album Little Miss Havana.”

Lopez isn’t the only artist Estefan wrote songs for

Not only did Estefan write multiple songs for Lopez, but she has also had her own thriving Cuban-American singing career. The three-time Grammy Awards winner (and 12-time nominee) has introduced 14 studio albums, four compilations, and four EPs. Hit singles she wrote and performed under her name include mega-hits like “Coming Out of the Dark,” “Conga,” and “Anything for You.”

She has also co-written songs for Latina singer Shakira (and taught her English in the process). The biggest hit she co-wrote for the pop singer was “Whenever, Wherever.”

Other artists and songs that were written by Estefan include “The Day After That” for Liza Minnelli, “Otro Día Más Sin Verte” for Jon Secada, and “Sonrie” for a feature with Laura Pausini. 

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