‘GMA’s’ Sara Haines Sounds Off Against Body Shamers and Fans Are Loving It

Sara Haines of ABC’s Good Morning America and Strahan, Sara & Keke has a full plate as a network co-host and mom of three young kids. Having her third child in June, Haines is known for her down-to-earth nature and relatable persona.

The television personality recently took to social media warning anyone about to make an assumption regarding another person’s body to keep their comments to themselves.

Sara Haines attends the world premiere of 'Nobody's Fool'
“Good Morning America’s” Sara Haines | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Haines’ family of five

The GMA contributor and husband Max Shifrin welcomed son Caleb last summer, joining sister Sandra, 2, and brother Alec, 4. “Max and I are still adjusting to having three kids — although I’m not sure if we ever completely figured out having two!” Haines joked to People in September. “But within the chaos, we constantly remind each other to pause and take it all in. We feel very lucky.”

While having her hands full at home, the working mom is relishing her role alongside Strahan and Palmer and thrives on the chemistry the three share.

“The secret is we were all raised the same,” Haines told Page Six of her co-hosts. “We all come from multi-sibling families where you’re taught very young that you’re not the center of this world, so there’s a modesty to all of us, a humility, and mostly there’s a gratitude.”

Haines says never ask … ever

Apparently, Haines has been subjected to some thoughtless inquisitors who have been asking if she’s expecting again. The ABC co-host had some pointed thoughts to share on this form of body shaming.

“I’ve had 3 babies & I love the way I look, little belly pooch & all. It’s NOT ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant,” Haines wrote on Instagram. “It’s a delicate topic & you never know what journey someone is on. It is also flat out body shaming when you say someone looks pregnant. #bebetter#liftwomenup

When someone in the comments wanted to know why it’s wrong to ask if someone is pregnant, Haines had no problem clarifying her statement.

“it’s NEVER ok to ask…because if you were close enough to the person, you would already know,” she wrote, according to Entertainment Tonight. “Sometimes people gain weight, or just have rounder tummies, or can’t quite get rid of a pooch after having babies. I’m surrounded by amazing people who have struggled having babies and have guarded their hearts in not wanting to talk about it.”

Haines gave an additional warning, writing, “Stay in your own lane!”

Fans rally around the ‘GMA’ host

The former View panelist clearly hit a nerve with moms who applauded her comments on social media.

“This is so on time for me! We had babies at that same time this summer. You look amazing!” one fan commented on Instagram. “I looked at my pooch this morning and almost changed, and then I remembered I had less than 4 hours of sleep last night so moving on!”

“yes to all of this! And not to mention… it’s literally no ones business!” another wrote.

“I only have 2 kids and got the same thing going on, I think you are gorgeous, haters gonna hate girl,” a user posted.

Yet even with the support, some still obviously didn’t get what Haines was communicating. “Well Sara you looked pregnant in that purple dress you wore at the wedding #notshaming,” someone tweeted.

Haines used the opportunity to drive her directive home. “Thank you for proving my point,” the television personality responded on Twitter. “People come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Some people have conditions where their stomachs swell. Some people fight so hard to have a baby & stay quiet to protect themselves on their journey. Just sad!”

Again, fans of the Strahan, Sara & Keke co-host had Haines’ back. “It’s just rude to even say that out loud,” a follower tweeted regarding the offensive post. “Didn’t she learn if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all? #rude

“Don’t these people have jobs?” another wrote. “Or, anything better to do? You’re not suppose to look like a string bean after three children- no woman should anyway! You look awesome and dump the trolls!”

“You’re beautiful no matter what you wear!” one fan posted.

Hopefully others will soon heed the wise words from Haines and her fans!