‘God Friended Me’: 4 Questions the Series Finale Answered, and 1 It Didn’t

After just two seasons, God Friended Me ended with a two-episode series finale event on CBS. The show wrapped up a few storylines but left one big question unanswered. Here’s how the God Squad ended their run.

[Spoiler warning: This article contains details about the series finale of God Friended Me.]

'God Friended Me'
‘God Friended Me’ | David Giesbrecht/CBS via Getty Images

‘God Friended Me’: The final two episodes

God Friended Me concluded with back-to-back episodes. Season 2 episode 21, titled “Miracles,” kicked things off at 8 p.m., and season 2 Episode 22, “The Mountain,” served as the final chapter.

In “Miracles,” the God Squad races to save the God Account from the virus Corey embedded in it in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Miles works to help his friend suggestion, Corey’s son, CJ. The youngster wants to convince Corey to reconcile with his estranged father, Alphonse Jeffries. In the end, the three generations of men sit down together with open minds, forgiving hearts, and good intentions.

“The Mountain” opens with Miles on a snowcapped peak, reflecting on the last year of his life and what brought him to the summit. In his flashback, Miles receives the last friend suggestion of the series — his sister, Ali, who is heading into surgery for a lumpectomy.

Ali sends Miles on an errand to retrieve their mother’s Bible, and he narrowly misses seeing her before she heads into surgery. It turns out that the brave bartender had planted a letter in the Good Book for her brother as a way to boost his spirits and ease his worry. Surprisingly, the atheist visits Harlem Episcopal church to settle his mind and, possibly, even talk to The Big Guy.

“The Mountain” ends with a montage featuring images of the core characters and a podcast voiceover by Miles. In that finale sequence, Miles dishes on the events of the past year that led up to his mountaintop voyage.

‘God Friended Me’ answered 4 burning questions

Both “Miracles” and “The Mountain” deliver resolutions to most of the show’s lingering mysteries, but they leave one thread open to interpretation. Here are four questions the God Friended Me series finale event answered, and the big one that it didn’t.

1. Did Corey succeed in shutting down the God Account?

In “Miracles,” Corey ends up in legal hot water with the federal government. Just before they cart him downtown for questioning, he offers Miles a clue as to how Rakesh and Zack can save the God Account from destruction. Alas, the tech wizards are too late to reverse the damage using Corey’s method. But they find another hack and are able to repair the God Account. Zack smartly asks Rakesh for a raise.

2. Did Miles and Cara stay in the friend zone, or did they reconcile?

In “The Mountain,” Cara admits to Miles that she has moved on and the twosome agree to remain friends. However, the ending montage reveals that the lovebirds find their way to a renewed romance that is an even deeper connection than they had before.

3. Did Rakesh find a happy ending in the God Friended Me series finale?

Jaya was the one that got away from Rakesh. When he initially proposed to her and she said “no,” it ended their relationship. But Jaya resurfaces during Ali’s health crisis, and Miles reveals during the final sequence that Rakesh and Jaya reconciled and ultimately get engaged.

4. Did Ali beat cancer?

Ali has been fighting cancer like a champ throughout season 2 of God Friended Me. In “The Mountain,” she undergoes a lumpectomy, and a pulmonary embolism during surgery threatens her life. In the end, the doctors treat the complication and she awakens with a favorable prognosis. According to the surgeon, Ali’s cancer has been totally removed with no sign of spreading.

‘God Friended Me’ left 1 thing for fans to ponder

Four storylines wrapped up with happy endings, but one looming mystery remains after the series finale event of God Friended Me. Who is behind the God Account?

In the final few moments of “The Mountain,” the God Account invites Miles to a remote mountain location. When he arrives, a young child approaches and simply states, “Miles, follow me. She’s been waiting for you.” He follows the child with blind faith that he will find what he is looking for. Then, God Friended Me takes a final bow, leaving the ending open to the viewers’ interpretation.

Is the mastermind behind the God Account a computer hacker, or has the Creator of the universe been the architect of Miles’ journey? Miles seems to believe the answer is inconsequential. In “Miracles,” he ponders:

“As long as I’m doing good, does it really matter who’s whispering in my ear?”

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