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To the dismay of fans, God Friended Me is ending after two seasons. The second season of the show connected many different storylines, introduced new mysteries, challenged assumptions, and inspired questions. With that in mind, here are seven burning questions that, with any luck, the God Friended Me series finale will answer.

'God Friended Me'
‘God Friended Me’ | David Giesbrecht/CBS via Getty Images

Will the ‘God Friended Me’ series finale provide closure?

While CBS’ cancelation of God Friended Me seemed abrupt to viewers, Deadline reported that the producers had an opportunity to create a fitting series finale. If that is the case, fans may get the closure that they are hoping for. Here are seven questions we have going into the final two hours of God Friended Me.

[Spoiler warning: Details for God Friended Me Season 2 follow]

  1. Will the God Account mastermind be revealed in the God Friended Me series finale? The looming mystery of who launched the God Account has been present since episode 1 of the show. Will the writers give the God Squad — and fans — the answer they seek?
  2. Will Corey succeed in shutting down the God Account? In season 2 episode 20, “Collateral Damage,” the tech whiz and government operative, Corey, double-crossed Rakesh by giving the God Account a virus. In the promo for the series finale, Corey promises that the God Account will be destroyed. Will he have a change of heart, or will the God Account cease to exist?
  3. Will Miles and Cara stay in the friend zone, or will they reconcile? As Cara’s new — and now ex — beau pointed out, she and Miles did not break up because they stopped loving each other. Will the series finale thrust the duo back together?
  4. Will Rakesh connect with a soulmate through his new matchmaker app? The hacker seems to be open to the possibility of love now that his brainchild is up and running. Will he find a happy ending in the God Friended Me series finale?
  5. Will Ali beat cancer? Early in season 2, Miles’ little sister received the same diagnosis as their mom — breast cancer. Ali has handled the situation with strength, grace, and practicality. What’s more, she started a new relationship and fell in love. With any luck, fans will not be left hanging when the show comes to an end.
  6. Will Zack get into college (and stay out of trouble)? When Miles and the team first met Zack, he was swindling unsuspecting people online. They soon discovered that the teen was committing horrible acts for a noble reason. Now the computer prodigy uses his powers for good as an intern for Rakesh and an unofficial member of the God Squad. Hopefully, the finale will hint where his brains and brass will take him.
  7. Will any familiar faces pop up in the God Friended Me series finale? The show has a habit of connecting prior friend suggestions with new ones. One last hurrah with key players could make for a touching conclusion.

The two-hour God Friended Me series finale will air on April 26 at 8 p.m. on CBS. Fans can stream previous episodes of the show any time on CBS All Access.

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