‘God Friended Me’ Final Episodes: Did the God Account Ruin Miles’ Life?

From broken hearts to broken homes, Miles’ friend suggestions from the God Account don’t always have the happiest of endings. Although Miles, Cara, and Rakesh are usually able to make a positive impact, the second and final season of God Friended Me spurred an interesting debate. Is Miles following the will of the God Account at the expense of his own wellbeing? Furthermore, are the Millennial Prophet’s actions helpful to some, but harmful to others? These answers and more are expected to be revealed in the final episodes of the series, which are set to air in the coming weeks.

'God Friended Me'
‘God Friended Me’ | Micheal Greenberg/CBS via Getty Images

Previously on ‘God Friended Me,’ things went awry

Miles, Cara, and Rakesh connect with friend suggestions from the God Account in hopes of helping others overcome personal hardships. It seems like a simple formula, but things don’t always go as planned. In their efforts to effect positive change, relationships have been ruined, families have been broken up, and people have even ended up behind bars. These outcomes beg the question: Would things have turned out better if the God Squad had resisted the urge to meddle?

Fallout from ‘Prophet & Loss’

In God Friended Me Season 2, Episode 9, “Prophet & Loss,” Miles accepted a friend suggestion for Paul, a financial whiz who was foolishly dabbling in insider trading — and who just happened to be Cara’s stepfather. At the time, Cara and Miles were dating, and the conflict of interest was obvious, but the Millennial Prophet insisted on following through despite his ladylove’s objections. In the end, Paul ended up in prison, and the newly unhappy couple called it quits.

Tough breaks in ‘The Last Little Thing’ and ‘Almost Famous’

Season 2 Episode 15, “The Last Little Thing,” taught Miles another hard lesson about loss. By the end of the episode, his friend suggestion, Anna, succumbed to cancer. It seemed cruel of the God Account to dangle the carrot of hope that Miles could help Anna extend her life, and the tragedy served as a harsh reminder of his sister’s dire condition.

Ali’s illness was also top of mind in God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 18, “Almost Famous,” when she was in the running to be included in a new drug trial. A plot twist saw Miles involved with the hospital administrator in charge of the trial. Although he made a positive impact via his friend suggestion of the week — the administrator’s daughter — his actions did not sway the decision in Ali’s favor.

Again, the results of Miles’ efforts did not unfold in the way he envisioned. His faithful discipleship to the God Account — even at the expense of his relationship with Cara — has not helped improve his sister’s outlook.  

‘God Friended Me’ served a bitter pill in ‘The Fugitive

In God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 19, “The Fugitive,” the God Squad attempted to help a young father named Russell out of legal hot water. In the end, he received what amounted to a slap on the wrist, but it landed him in the big house for six months, leaving his infant daughter in foster care. Granted, the child ended up with a trusted friend, but this was one conclusion that left a bitter aftertaste.

With that in mind, “The Fugitive” was the perfect storyline to tee-up Season 2 Episode 20, “Collateral Damage.” In the upcoming episode, a disgruntled critic will confront the Millennial Prophet for the destruction he believes Miles has caused since connecting with the God Account. Viewers will have to tune in on April 19 for all the salacious details.

With God Friended Me hurtling toward the series finale on April 26, answers about the real motive behind the God Account may finally come to light. According to Deadline, CBS gave the show producers ample time to create a satisfying series finale, so the audience can hope to gain some sense of closure.

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