‘God Friended Me’ Sneak Peek: The Friend Zone May Get Awkward for Miles and Cara

A new friend request, a new God Account suspect, and a new relationship. Miles, Cara, and Rakesh will have plenty to juggle in God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 19, “The Fugitive.” With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of where the God Squad stands and a sneak peek that teases what will happen next on God Friended Me.

God Friended Me
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Last time on ‘God Friended Me’

In the March 29 episode of God Friended Me, “Almost Famous,” Miles and the crew got involved with a teen singing sensation and her protective mother. In a twist, the girl’s mom, played by Angel’s Amy Acker, was the hospital administrator in control of a cancer treatment drug trial. And because everything in the God Account world is connected, Ali was in the running to become a participant.

Initially, Miles was hesitant to get involved for fear that he would ruin his sister’s chances of receiving a life-saving treatment. But after Rakesh urged Miles to consider his motives, he eventually decided to take action and help the mother-daughter pair.

The drama kicked into overdrive with a family court summons, a secret adoption, and a scandalous music label executive. But, true to form, Miles pried, intervened, and meddled until his friend suggestion was made whole.

Even though Miles’ new friends’ scenario ended on a good note, Ali was still unfortunately disqualified from the drug trial due to a minor heart anomaly. Ali and the Finer family were devastated by the news and forced to consider other forms of treatment for her aggressive form of cancer.

Meanwhile, Cara, who was in pursuit of a new God Account suspect named Corey, continued to keep her new relationship with Adam from Miles. Based on Rakesh’s friendly advice, she decided to stay mum about her new beau until their flirtation became serious.

Sneak peek: Cara puts Miles in the friend zone

The God Friended Me promo for “The Fugitive” does not touch on the Miles-Cara-Adam love triangle. Instead, it focuses on Miles’ new friend request, who is — as hinted by the episode title — a fugitive. But CBS did provide a juicy Cara and Miles-centered sneak peek to Entertainment Tonight.

In it, Miles invites Cara out for an evening cocktail, and Cara politely declines, saying that she already has plans. “Like a date?” Miles asks.

After weeks of keeping her relationship hidden, Cara admits to her ex that she has indeed started seeing Adam. He graciously wishes her nothing but happiness but cannot completely hide the disappointment on his face. That should make for plenty of awkwardness as Miles, Rakesh, and Cara continue to work closely together.

Sneak peek: Ali wants to do things her way

In a bonus sneak peek for the episode, Ali confronts Miles for overstepping boundaries. As her illness progresses, she insists on handling things her way, without interference from her family.

“The last thing I want to feel is like everyone is looking at me like I need help,” Ali asserts. Then, in a sweet brother-sister bonding moment, Miles takes Ali’s hands, looks her in the eyes, and agrees to her wishes. God Friended Me airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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