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The main mystery of God Friended Me has yet to be solved. Who is behind the God Account? The recent episode showed Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) following a new lead. Find out the new clue they found and one person they ruled out. Warning spoilers for the episode “BFF!”

Miles and Rakesh previously tracked down a hacker

Suraj Sharma as Rakesh Singh on 'God Friended Me'
Suraj Sharma as Rakesh Singh on ‘God Friended Me’ David Giesbrecht/CBS via Getty Images

It was previously revealed that all of the people who were being suggested are clients of New York Sun insurance. New York Sun also had a data breach.

Rakesh managed to track a hacker’s IP address back to his apartment. He went with Miles to the apartment in the episode, “A New Hope.”

“Whoever lives here, Miles was behind the hack into New York Sun and also creating the backdoor to all the client files,” he told Miles. “Which means there’s a good chance they’re at least involved with the God Account.”

A man was home, but he claimed to not be a hacker. He said he was hired by New York Sun to infiltrate their system by Alphonse Jeffries. Alphonse apparently wanted a backdoor in the system. The hacker was also in the middle of an online poker game.

This led Miles and Rakesh to believe Alphonse wanted the backdoor so he would have all the access to clients’ files without anyone knowing. Then he would be able to make friend suggestions through the God Account.

Alphonse denied being behind the God Account

Alphonse (Carl Lumbly) was a guest to Arthur’s (Joe Morton) wedding so Miles confronted him in the episode, “BFF.” “I know you’re behind the God Account. I don’t have any proof but I don’t need it because we both know,” he told Alphonse. However, it looks like he was wrong.

“I’m not behind the God Account, son,” Alphonse told him. “I wish I were.” Miles brought up how Arthur saved his life and owes him a debt. “This doesn’t make any sense. Why would you hire someone to hack your system when you bought New York Sun? Why would they leave you a way to look at files if the God Account wasn’t using that to choose friend suggestions?” he asked.

Alphonse said he didn’t hire anyone to hack his system. The group went together to find the hacker again to get more information. They found out he left town.

A Queen of Hearts was left behind as a clue

The group might not have found who they were looking for but they did find a Queen of Hearts in his empty apartment. “He said he played poker,” said Miles. Rakesh believes he wanted to be found only to send them on the wrong trail.

It looks like the group will have to try and track down the hacker again to find out the real reason he put a backdoor into the system. The Queen of Hearts could be a clue on how to find him or to the person behind the God Account. Time will tell if the group will figure out what’s the meaning behind the clue.