‘Godmothered’ Movie Review: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bell

Godmothered is a new Disney+ movie with a real Enchanted vibe. Enchanted doesn’t own the fish out of water genre, but Godmothered is another magical fairy tale character in the modern day real world. 

Godmothered Eleanor
Jillian Bell | K.C. Bailey/Disney+

In that respect, it’s a little bit Elf too, especially since it’s also a Christmas movie. We could go on with examples but Godmothered is a new holiday treat. 

Jillian Bell IS ‘Godmothered’ 

Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is in fairy godmother school in the Motherland. Headmistress Moira (Jane Curtain) teaches the fairy godmothers in training for a day that will never come since the real world doesn’t believe in magic anymore. 

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In fact, they’re about to shut down Motherland and reassign all the fairy godmothers to become tooth fairies. Eleanor won’t give up though and finds a letter from Mackenzie Walsh. When Eleanor goes to the real world to find Mackenzie and make her wish come true, she finds Mackenzie (Isla Fisher) is already a grown-up with kids of her own. 

Fun with fairy godmothers 

Godmothered attacks the myth of the fairy godmother from all sides, especially the Disney incarnations. It dismisses the notion of the singing fairy godmother, despite Eleanor’s frequent attempts. Her spells go awry and make messes that kids will enjoy to see. The film itself makes song choices adults will appreciate, and even then maybe only deep cut cinephiles will get all the musical references.

L-R: Willa Skye, Jillian Shea Spaeder, Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher | K.C. Baily/Disney+

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Fisher does not entirely have to play straight man to Bell. She gets to do her own pratfalls due to Eleanor’s mishap spells. There are a lot of fairy tale jokes you will recognize as references to the classics. 

‘Godmothered’ has a good message 

Eleanor’s naivete brings joy to the cynical world of 2020 Boston, Mass. She would be helping Mackenzie and her daughters just with her supportive presence, even if she weren’t magic. 

Of course, with all the above sorts of humor, you know Godmothered is going to end up with an irreverent take on happily ever after. Moira establishes the traditional three part formula of gown + true love = happily ever after. The film has a good message about what actually constitutes a fairy tale ending today. 

Jillian Bell in Godmothered
Jillian Bell | Disney+

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Plus, the male lead is named Hugh Prince (Santiago Cabrera). They’re not pretending they don’t know what genre they’re in. Plus, it’s got the whole Christmas season too with snow and lights and sledding and carols. 

The threat of Motherland closing never really feels palpable. It’s obligatory to give Eleanor a deadline, but Godmothered seems to know it so devotes minimal screen time so it can focus on the more joyful parts of the story.