‘Good Girls’: Christina Hendricks Says Her Working Relationship With Manny Montana Is More ‘Respectful’ Than Beth and Rio’s

Good Girls aired for the first time on NBC in 2018. The dramedy follows the lives of three suburban moms who turn to theft when their money troubles escalate. The series currently stars Christina Hendricks as Beth and Manny Montana as Rio. In June 2019, Hendricks dished on how she and Montana interact when they aren’t in character. 

'Good Girls': Christina Hendricks at Beth wearing a black blazer and red shirt while speaking to Manny Montana as Rio in a grey shirt.
‘Good Girls’ Season 4 stars Christina Hendricks as Beth and Manny Montana as Rio | Jordin Althaus/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

‘Good Girls’ cast members Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana have shared several scenes on the show

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Since Good Girls debuted in Feb. 2018, some fans haven’t gotten enough of Beth and Rio. The mother of four met Rio and his crew when Beth, her sister, Annie (Mae Whitman), and her best friend Ruby (Retta) robbed a grocery store in season one. During season 2 of Good Girls, Beth and Rio decided to take their relationship to a new level. The pair had sex for the first time in the episode titled “Pick Your Poison.” Afterward, they continued to work together, and Beth stayed with Dean. 

Hendricks shared with The Black C.A.P.E. Magazine that she enjoys shooting her scenes with both of Beth’s romantic interests. However, she admits that Beth and Dean’s intense marriage overpowers her chaotic relationship with Rio. 

“You know, I love the scenes,” Hendricks says. “They’re such great scenes, and we have fun playing in them. And you know, as well as the stuff with Matt [Lillard] too.” 

“That’s really intimate stuff, too,” she continues. “So, you know, [the scenes with Beth and Dean] sometimes gets even more intense than the other stuff [with Rio and Beth].”

How ‘Good Girls’ season 4 castmates Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana differ from Beth and Rio

During her The Black C.A.P.E. interview, Hendricks continued to discuss her relationship with Montana. In their steamy sex scene, the actors had to share an on-screen makeout session. The Mad Men alum shared that kissing her co-star was an “easy” task. 

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Hendricks also revealed that she and Montana never have any issues working together. Unlike their characters, the pair remain strictly professional on the Good Girls set. 

“He’s a great actor and, we have great chemistry working together, and…He’s just…it’s just a very sort of respectful work,” Hendricks said. “You know, it’s funny because I know people love, they love it. We, of course, we love that. It’s exciting and stuff, but it’s not as…it’s much more professional than anyone would think.”

Are Rio and Beth endgame?

Although Hendricks and Montana are drastically different from their characters, they continue to keep fans guessing about Beth and Rio on Good Girls. In season 4, the pair finds other ways to clean money, including Dean’s new car shop. Unbeknownst to Rio, though, Beth, Ruby, and Annie are working with the FBI to take Rio down. 

According to Express, several Good Girls fans think that, despite their unconventional relationship, Rio and Beth are endgame. However, some Reddit supporters believe the pair only have their criminal pasts in common.

“This is a show – a crime fantasy show,” one fan wrote of Beth and Rio. “I think, in the context of the show, there’s a mutual attraction and fascination between the two characters, and each of them is wondering how far the other person can go. They enjoy driving the other to their limit.”

“I think they COULD become the Bonnie & Clyde people romanticize but wouldn’t actually ever root for IRL,” another fan shared. “Applying norms to their relationship just doesn’t make sense to me, since it’s not normal to be a ringleader of a crime syndicate nor for suburban women to enter said crime syndicate.”