‘Good Girls’: Fans Upset With Rio and the Girls, Can They Redeem Themselves?

Desperation, silliness, ingenuity, and a sprinkle of arrogance were all part of the charm when Good Girls launched its first season. Here we are in season three, and most of those elements are still present.

Fans pegged their favorite characters a while ago, but after what happened in the March 15 episode, it seems attitudes are shifting. Are Beth, Ruby, Annie, or Rio getting any love right now? It doesn’t seem that way. [Warning: spoilers ahead]

'Good Girls' episode 306
‘Good Girls’ episode 306 | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Lucy’s death changed things

If you watched last week’s episode where Lucy was forced into creating the counterfeit template for Rio thanks to Beth’s (and indirectly Dean) carelessness, then your jaw probably dropped when she was shot in that van. Poor, innocent Lucy.

First, the girls tried to get her to commit the crime without telling the truth, kidnapped her bird to blackmail her, and unsuccessfully tried to talk Rio out of involving her. It cost Lucy her life and somehow, they’re soldiering on with their plot and are now ok with defiling the dead.  

Fans were so angry about it that “Lucy” was trending on Twitter that night, and Rio has lost his place on the “hot guy” pedestal. For many viewers, it’s a wrap for him and the ladies.

Beth, Annie, and Ruby have been on a downward spiral

Most will agree that Dean is probably the worst character on Good Girls and question why he keeps getting a pass. That doesn’t excuse the zany and sometimes shameful actions of the main trio.

Annie has problems that won’t be resolved through the therapy sessions she’s currently using, and even her mature child knows that. She needs to get it together in some form.

Beth, who has a record of lying without remorse and making selfish, decisions, isn’t winning any empathy from the audience either. She shot Rio, befriended his child’s mother under false pretenses, chose to become a counterfeit crime boss, and got Lucy caught up in the scheme.

Ruby is lying to her husband and child, and although fans understood her motivations in the first season, at some point, her family life is going to suffer again. The lies keep coming.

Now, some Good Girls fans want to know what happened to the humor and likeability in the show and are wondering if these ladies can clean up their acts.  

In future ‘Good Girls’ episodes, the ladies sign up for revenge

Teasers and spoiler trailers online show that the ladies will take up Max’s cause to avenge Lucy’s death. It’s unclear whether they’ve told him about their role in her murder or if it’s just another ploy to throw off his suspicions about who was involved with his girlfriend’s disappearance.

They’re playing a dangerous game and need to do something major to earn back the affections of viewers. Fans get that these characters are trying to look out for their families financially, but at what expense?

Ultimately, will they be able to defeat Rio at his own game without losing their souls? He beat death and put out a hit on a federal agent after all.

NBC halted production on the show due to the coronavirus health crisis, but viewers should stay tuned to see where these “good girls” will end up.