‘Good Girls’: Why Manny Montana Says There Will Always Be ‘Sexual Tension’ Between Rio and Beth

Manny Montana plays Rio on the NBC show, Good Girls. Since fans met him during the show’s pilot, Rio has created chaos for suburban moms Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), Ruby Hill (Retta), and Annie Marks (Mae Whitman). However, the actor shared why the connection between Beth and Rio won’t change anytime soon.

Manny Montana as Rio and Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland on the set of 'Good Girls'
‘Good Girls’ cast members Manny Montana as Rio and Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

How ‘Good Girls’ star Manny Montana feels about Rio and Beth

In 2018, Montana landed the part of Rio, a Detroit crime lord with a mysterious past. However, he and Beth joined forces when she, Ruby, and Annie become desperate for cash. Along the way, Beth and Rio engage in several steamy moments, like their bathroom affair in Good Girls Season 2, Episode 4, “Pick Your Poison.”

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Even though Rio and Beth slept together, they are far from a couple. On the show, Beth is married to her high school sweetheart, Dean (Matthew Lillard). Additionally, she attempted to kill Rio and have him arrested on several occasions. Despite their love-hate relationship, Montana said the characters will always want each other.  

“There’s always sexual tension, regardless of what’s written on the page,” he declared to Hidden Remote. “Just because we come from totally different sides of the track, we’re both attracted to each other’s lives. It’s this weird thing. No matter what the situation is, there’s always going to be the sexual tension there. So it’s not really written, but it’s happening as we go along.” 

Why Manny Montana doesn’t want Rio and Beth to have sex again on ‘Good Girls’ 

During season 2, Beth, Ruby, and Annie decided that they had enough of Rio and his money-laundering schemes. In the season finale, Beth attempts to take matters into her own hands after Beth hired a hitman to shoot Rio. While in an abandoned lot, Beth shot Rio three times presumed him dead. However, he revealed that he was alive in season 3.

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Before Good Girls, Season 3 premiered in 2020, Montana explained why he didn’t want Beth and Rio to sleep together. The actor said the pair’s sexual relationship might cloud the severity of Beth’s betrayal. 

“I really hope they don’t go back to having any physical contact,” Montana said. “I just feel that would make Rio look weak. This woman shot him three times. No matter what the situation, there’s no coming back from that. We can be cordial and coexist, but I don’t think they should ever do anything again. Rio trusted Beth and didn’t think she’d actually pull the trigger. Regardless of the situation, she chose to do it.”

The characters got physical again in season 4

While Montana didn’t want Beth and Rio to engage in any physical activities again, the writers at Good Girls had other plans. In Season 4, Episode 4, “Grandma Loves Grisham,” Rio introduced Beth to his family. They also meth his boss, who turned out to be his grandmother, played by Marlene Forte. During dinner, Rio walked in on Beth, who has a wire to catch him in the act. However, the two shared a steamy moment at Rio’s grandma’s house so Beth could distract him from her wire. 

Only time will tell if Rio and Beth are endgame. For now, fans can expect to see Good Girls return for its midseason premiere on Sunday, June 24.

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