‘Good Girls’: Does Rio Know Beth Hired a Hitman?

Beth and Rio’s relationship grows more complicated as Good Girls season 4 unfolds on NBC. The two are always trying to outsmart each other. But the stakes went up substantially in “Dave,” when Beth had Rio unwittingly kill her hired hitman. He seemed to know something was off about the guy, but does Rio know that Beth lied about the whole thing?

Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana on NBC's 'Good Girls'
Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana on NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ | Jordin Althaus/NBC

The ‘Good Girls’ finally team up with the Feds

Season 4 of Good Girls finds Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman) in the middle of a federal investigation. Agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkis) and her boss, Dave (Jonathan Silverman), managed to arrest Dean (Matthew Lillard) on money laundering charges, but they now want Beth to cooperate and turn Rio in. 

The agents offer the ladies a great deal. In exchange for evidence incriminating Rio, the government would put the moms in the witness protection program. And they would set them up with new homes and lives wherever they choose. 

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Beth agrees to turn on Rio, but she has one major hurdle. She already paid Mr. Fitzpatrick (Andrew McCarthy) to kill Rio. The hitman already feels scorned by her rejections. So, when she visits him and asks to cancel the job, Fitzpatrick boldly refuses. 

Does Rio know Beth is lying?

After Mr. Fitzpatrick refuses to cancel the hit on Rio, Beth makes a daring move. She meets with Rio and tells him she’s talking to the Feds. She hands him a picture of a man and tells him that the man is “Dave,” the Federal agent in charge of the investigation. 

Rio and his cohorts took out a team of FBI agents in season 3 of Good Girls. So Beth knows that handing him this kind of information would lead to Dave’s murder. 

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But when Rio comes upon the man he thinks is a federal agent, he finds him with a sniper rifle. The man is not Dave, but Mr. Fitzpatrick, the hitman Beth hired. 

After Rio shoots Fitzpatrick — we don’t know if he’s dead — he meets with Beth and tells her they are now squared up. But before leaving, he mentions the man’s sniper rifle and wonders why a federal agent would be trying to kill him. 

Beth tries to play it off. Rio walks off in agreement, but his coy smile hints he knows more than he’s saying.

Rio quite possibly knows that Beth was lying. We never got to see him shoot Mr. Fitzpatrick, so he could have talked to the hitman to find out what was really going on. Plus, Rio is pretty clever, and with his connections, he could have easily figured out this guy isn’t the agent investigating him. 

Good Girls is always full of twists and surprises, so it isn’t far-fetched to think Rio is up to something. New episodes air Sundays on NBC.