‘Good Girls’: Rio’s Boss Will Bring Him Closer to Beth

The April 11 episode of NBC’s Good Girls teased a major reveal. Rio finally admitted that he answers to someone higher up and mentioned this person wants to meet Beth. 

Beth and Rio’s relationship is already quite intense. But according to Good Girls showrunners, Rio’s boss will play a part in bringing the two closer together.

Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana on NBC's 'Good Girls'
Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana on NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ | Jordin Althaus/NBC

Rio reveals he has a boss on ‘Good Girls’

In the fifth episode of Good Girls season 4, Beth is under increased pressure from the Feds she’s working with and Rio (Manny Montana). The agents, Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) and Dave (Jonathan Silverman) put a tracker on Rio’s car and make Beth wear a wire during her weekly drop. 

But Rio never shows. And the next day, he visits Beth unannounced and shows her the tracker after making sure she isn’t wired. 

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Knowing he’s under surveillance, Rio sends Beth out as his “banker” to various businesses to collect cash. And later that day, he meets with her at a diner to get the remaining money. 

After pointing out the heat she has on her, Beth asks Rio why he’s making her his banker. “Don’t have much of a choice,” Rio responds, not knowing that the Feds are listening in the next booth. “‘Cause I also have people that I answer to. Oh, and they’re going to want to meet you.”

Beth will learn more about Rio’s past 

There’s not much we know about Rio yet, other than the fact that he’s a killer who’s also a dedicated father. But it looks like both fans and Beth will soon learn what makes the gangster tick. 

“We’re also going to learn where the mystery of Rio originates,” Good Girls showrunner Bill Krebs told EW. “He’s the bad-boy criminal who never gets caught, he always has the answer, he lives in this frictionless world, and now Beth starts to see behind the curtain a little bit and learn that he might not be alone in what guides his decisions.”

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“And it leaves Beth with a much more clear understanding of who this person is just as a human, which I think both equally softens her to him and also gives her clarity that this is someone you can’t really be with romantically long-term,” co-showrunner Jenna Bans added. 

‘Good Girls’ showrunners tease how Rio’s boss will affect his relationship with Beth

Learning about Rio’s past will give Beth better insight into who he is at his core. But when she finally meets the person giving him orders, it might change their power dynamic. And according to the Good Girls producers, when Rio’s boss enters the picture, he may inadvertently push Rio and Beth closer together. 

“What we tackle this season is we tackle his origin story and how he evolved from being a teenager into the criminal he is today and where he sort of first developed his swagger and how he kind of came into prominence and along that journey,” Krebs told Distractify.  

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“What we end up discovering is that part of the reason why he’s been so smooth is he was influenced by someone else in his life who is also a part of his crime ring and will ultimately end up being a part of a love triangle between Beth and Rio and this other presence.” 

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait long to see who this mystery boss is. New episodes of Good Girls air Sundays on NBC.