Will Rio and Beth Rekindle Their Romance in ‘Good Girls’ Season 3?

At long last, Good Girls has returned. The NBC drama premiered its third season on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, and fans found out that Rio had survived. Now, the question remains: What will happen between Beth and her former lover now that he’s back in action? Read on for our predictions.

Rio and Beth met in Season 1 of ‘Good Girls’

'Good Girls' Episode 206: Manny Montana as Rio, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland
‘Good Girls’ Episode 206: Manny Montana as Rio, Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | Jordin Althaus/NBC

Season 1 begins with Beth, Annie, and Ruby robbing the grocery store Annie works for. But this gets them inadvertently involved with crime boss Rio. They go to work for him, and pull off various money laundering jobs.

All the women want (at first) is to get out, but Rio needs more from them. Rio and Beth’s relationship is full of sexual tension — he calls her “Red,” and she’s clearly attracted to him. But at the end of the season, she tries to make him take the fall for their operation — at which time he turns the tables on her husband, Dean.

They began a sexual relationship in Season 2

In Season 2, Beth and Rio’s relationship evolves further. He briefly gives her “the keys to the kingdom.” Beth then turns Dean’s car dealership into their operation, with Rio seemingly out of her life once and for all. But that doesn’t last very long.

After Beth and Rio have sex, he swoops in and remains involved. Beth tries to go back to her life with Dean, but it isn’t the same, and Rio is still there, even when she attempts to get out of the game. He begins to blackmail her for Boomer’s death.

Beth shot Rio in the season finale

By the season finale of Good Girls Season 2, Beth is desperate for a way to get rid of Rio. He, along with FBI Agent Turner, have been the bane of her existence, and her life has been falling apart. She’s lost the kids and Dean has filed for divorce.

So she does what she has to. After Rio kidnaps both her and Turner, he gives her a gun to kill the agent so that it will all be done with. Instead, she turns the gun on Rio, and shoots him twice in the chest. She runs, and assumes that’s the end of it: they’re finally free from him.

The season 3 premiere revealed Rio’s still alive

Though Beth think it’s as good as done, the audience sees Rio, just as he’s about to bleed out, get help from an unlikely source. Turner says he’s call 911, but Rio is going to be indebted to him. We’re left on a cliffhanger.

In the Season 3 premiere, Beth and the women go about their lives, attempting to create their own product. Little do they know that Turner made good on his promise. Rio has fully recovered, and has given him information. He walks away a free man.

Could they ever be more than a hookup?

So what will happen between Beth and Rio now? No doubt he’s about to come back into their lives in a big way. He’s obviously not going to be pleased that she tried to kill him. But they’ve been in this kind of position before.

For all of the Rio shippers out there, it’s hard to believe that that same chemistry won’t be there. While we won’t see them getting together for real anytime soon, it feels very possible that there’s another steamy hookup coming down the line.