‘Good Girls’ Season 4: Rio and Nick May Be Pulling Beth Into Their Long Game

The May 9 episode of NBC’s Good Girls took a shocking turn and ended with Beth further beholden to Rio. But it also became apparent that the criminal mastermind isn’t working alone.

His cousin/brother Nick is working lockstep with Rio. And it feels like the two may have planned everything out to pull Beth into their long game.  

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Good Girls, Season 4, Episode 8.]

'Good Girls' stars Manny Montana and Christina Hendricks as Rio and Beth.
‘Good Girls’ Season 4 cast members Chirstina Hendricks as Beth Boland, Manny Montana as Rio|Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rio threatens Beth’s family in ‘Good Girls’ Episode 8

The latest episode of Good Girls, titled “Broken Toys,” opens with Secret Service agents Dave (Jonathan Silverman) and Phoebe (Lauren Lapkis) threatening Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman) with jail time. Because the ladies failed to provide concrete evidence, the agents explain that any immunity or witness protection program deal is off the table.

Meanwhile, Rio (Manny Montana), who knows about the Feds’ involvement, threatens to hurt Beth’s family if she doesn’t manage to thwart them. So, to buy some time with both Rio and the agents, Beth, Ruby, and Annie frame Stan’s (Reno Wilson) boss by flooding his strip club with counterfeit bills. 

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But soon enough, the federal agents realize the strip club owner has no ties to Rio. Phoebe then warns Beth that the ladies will be arrested the next day.

But before that, Rio’s cousin/brother, Nick (Ignacio Serricchio), pays Beth a visit. After revealing himself to be a city councilman who works with at-risk youths, Nick indirectly suggests Beth shouldn’t trust Rio. 

Beth has Rio arrested

In the May 9 episode of Good Girls, Beth finally does what she couldn’t all season. She sets up a cash exchange meeting with Rio and brings the Feds in on it. 

They arrest Rio, who gives Beth a death stare while in handcuffs. But when Phoebe and Dave go to interview him at the precinct, they find Rio’s been released because of his pull with higher-ups.

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It turns out that Nick — who, in flashbacks, had Rio arrested and jailed to give himself credibility — is the one who got Rio out. Rio surprises Beth at home and tells her that because the Feds now trust her, they’ll believe anything she says. And he notes this gives him the freedom to do whatever he wants. 

‘Good Girls’ fans think Nick and Rio planned the whole arrest

Rio has always been a step ahead of Beth. And from the flashbacks in “Broke Toys,” it was apparent that Nick is always a step ahead of Rio. Seeing how the two are playing a long game, some Good Girls fans think the two planned for Beth to have Rio arrested, thus pulling her into their play. 

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“Nick & Rio planned this whole episode: they wanted Beth to betray Rio to SS so they will now trust her completely,” one Reddit user wrote. Beth could have been in on the plan, but she wouldn’t trust Rio — Rio takes the chances and the heat, so Nick can present a trustworthy persona to the world – while wielding a lot of power behind the scenes.”

Hopefully, as the season continues, viewers will get more insight into Nick and Rio’s dynamic and possibly discover what the two are up to. New episodes of Good Girls air Sunday nights on NBC.