‘Good Girls’ Star Christina Hendricks Shows ‘Nightmare’ Situation at Home — ‘I’m So Stressed’

With nationwide labor shortages affecting every industry, it’s no understatement to say good help is hard to find. Good Girls star Christina Hendricks knows that struggle well. The actor recently posted a photo of her ‘nightmare’ on social media that so many homeowners can relate to.

Clearly, being famous isn’t enough to keep Hendricks from falling victim to a bad contractor. The lack of progress on her home is sadly not uncommon.

Christina Hendricks bought a Craftsman home to renovate

Christina Hendricks makes an appearance on Busy Tonight
Christina Hendricks | Jordin Althaus/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

The saga began earlier in 2021 when the Mad Men alum shared photos of a fixer-upper house she planned to restore. “I bought a house! And I’m going to renovate this 1908 craftsman from head to toe!!!” she excitedly shared on Instagram. The caption accompanied a photo of Hendricks standing in front of a pile of construction debris, indicating the demo work had already begun.

Hendricks proved she had big plans when she shared that her friend, designer Linda Koopersmith, was going to help with the layout and overall design. “Wish me luck. Im gonna need it,” the Good Girls lead concluded, along with the hashtag, “bigcrazyproject.”

Her contractor abandoned the project, creating a ‘nightmare’

Unfortunately, the Good Girls star isn’t making good progress on her future dream home. Hendricks most recently shared a video to Instagram that showed off the lackluster state of the renovation right now. And she’s not happy about it.

“​​Progress???? Absolutely no progress. I need advice guys…..my contractor has had this project since last October,” she wrote in the caption along with the hashtags, “remodelhell” and “desperate.”

The included video takes followers on a tour of the mess. “I just thought I’d share the progress on my house,” Hendricks narrates. “Which is none. There is no progress. That got scooted back. This is what happens when your contractor lies to you over and over and over and over. And over. You guys, I’m so stressed.”

Christina Hendricks has been dealing with renovation woes for months

It’s been close to a year and not much has been done on Hendrick’s home besides demo. This matches what her home looked like when she shared a video update in May, which she captioned, “Welcome to my nightmare.”

Comparing the two videos from then and now shows that her “lying” contractor has left the project sitting unfinished all that time. It’s a sad situation but is also becoming more common in the current job climate. There aren’t enough licensed contractors available to do all the work, which has led to massive project delays and lackluster work as desperate homeowners hire unqualified workers.

Perhaps HGTV star Mike Holmes can come make it right? Or Jasmine Roth of Help! I Wrecked My House fame should come take a look? It may be time for the Good Girls and Mad Men star to use her celebrity connections to get her Craftsmen home put back together again.

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