Who Is ‘Good Girls’ Star Manny Montana’s Wife?

NBC star Manny Montana plays Rio on Good Girls. Throughout the show’s four seasons, viewers have learned more and more about the Detroit crime boss. Additionally, many fans want to know what Montana’s life is like when the cameras aren’t rolling. Some might not even know that he is a married man. 

Manny Montana as Rio on 'Good Girls' Season 4 tilting his head outdoors.
‘Good Girls’ Season 4: Manny Montana as Rio | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Good Girls’ Manny Montana and his wife, Adelfa Marr, have been married since 2016

Although Good Girls follows the lives of Beth (Christina Hendricks), Annie (Mae Whitman), and Ruby (Retta), Rio became a fan-favorite from the show’s pilot. Despite his ability to force the women into a life of crime, his humor and sexual chemistry with Beth make some viewers tune in each week. 

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Montana booked Rio around 2018 after appearing in several shows such as Power and Graceland. Once Good Girls aired, though, his personal life became more public. However, the actor doesn’t shy away from sharing the woman he loves. On his Instagram page, Montana often posts photos and videos with his wife, Adelfa Marr. Marr is also an actor, life coach, writer, and entrepreneur. According to Express, the couple got married in 2016. The pair also have a son, who Marr shared on Instagram back in 2018. 

“@lbmannymontana and I went on a hike,” Marr’s post read. “Our first hike together since I was seven months pregnant — and it was beautiful. The roles were reversed this time around, seeing as he was carrying around our (not so little) little one, but it was inspiring to see him carry our baby up a mountain and handling it like the boss that he is. I love my boys so much. Thank you for a beautiful day, my babies.”

Manny Montana said his wife is his ‘love in every lifetime’ 

Neither Montana nor Marr had shared when they met. However, they were together before he started making a name for himself in Hollywood. 

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In Oct. 2020, Montana celebrated his wife on Instagram in honor of International Day of the Girl. He shared that his wife helps him with reading scripts and vigorously supports the Rosewood alum and their son throughout his post. 

“I’d like to honor my best friend, partner, and mother of our child @adelfamarr,” Montana wrote. 

#ShesMy love in every lifetime. Helps COUNTLESS people get through difficult times and takes on all their pain, and never complains. The best steez of anyone both sides of the Mississippi. Best mom I’ve ever seen!!! Funniest woman I’ve ever met, best line reader on earth, photoshoot make-up artist, stylist, chef, in case you can’t tell, I think my wife is pretty cool.” 

Was Montana’s wife ever on ‘Good Girls’? 

Marr appeared on Good Girls Season 2. Her character, Dylan, made Beth jealous by kissing Rio in broad daylight. However, viewers never saw Dylan again, and the love-hate relationship between “Brio” continued. 

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While Marr hasn’t returned to Good Girls yet, she shared with her Instagram followers that the experience was life-changing. 

“This one is definitely for the books,” Marr wrote. “While I’m only on for the quickest stint, I can’t tell you how much it meant to be a part of this with @lbmannymontana. Thanks for making me the happiest girl to walk this earth @lbmannymontana, and thank you @nbcgoodgirls for having me.”