‘Good Girls’: Surprising Connections Between Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman

Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman are forever connected by their work on Good Girls, the NBC series about suburban moms who suddenly find themselves on the verge of financial collapse. Out of desperation, they decide to rob a store, not realizing that it’s run by gang members. Head honcho Rio is impressed despite the circumstances and recruits them to wash money for his crew. Retta, Manny Montana, Matthew Lillard, and Reno Wilson were also part of the Good Girls cast.

But Hendricks and Whitman share more connections than just Good Girls. Join us as we outline more of the ties the two actors share.

Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman, who starred on 'Good Girls' as best friends, appear in a scene on the show
Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

There are connections between Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman aside from their show

Before teaming up for Good Girls, Hendricks and Whitman pursued very different careers. Though both have done a variety of work, Hendricks seemed to do more dramas like ER and Mad Men. Whitman has many comedies and animated series to her name, including Jackie Chan Adventures, Johnny Bravo, and Big Mouth.

Both, however, have voiced the character Lois Lane. Hendricks did so in the 2011 film All-Star Superman, which, in the words of Rotten Tomatoes, follows Superman as he “ponders his future after a rescue mission to the sun exposes him to radiation.” Whitman did voice work for a younger version of Lois Lane in an episode of Superman: The Animated Series (1996).
The actors also appeared in the animated film The Pirate Fairy. Released in 2014, the movie follows Tinkerbell (Whitman) as she and her friends set out to rescue the fairy Zarina (Hendricks) from pirates.

Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman on ‘Good Girls’

A few years later, they got the chance to do Good Girls. Created by Jenna Bans, the show would last for four popular seasons before being canceled in 2021. TVLine reported at the time that NBC had considered bringing the show back for a fifth and final season, but ultimately, it just didn’t work out.

“Unfortunately we were unable to make the financials work,” said a source.

The insider told the website that negotiations specifically fell apart over Montana’s alleged demands about his salary and schedule. Showbiz Cheat Sheet did not hear back after reaching out to his representatives for comment, but the insider claimed Montana might not have been willing to meet halfway due to his already “strained working relationship” with Hendricks.

While neither of them has ever admitted to any bad blood, they’ve made comments about one another in the past that seemed to suggest things weren’t always great between them.

What life has been like for the actors since the show ended

Though they were saddened by the way the show ended, Hendricks and Whitman have been keeping busy with other projects. The Owl House on Disney Channel is one of Whitman’s latest endeavors, while Hendricks is set to star in a project called The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry.

Even though their time on Good Girls is over, Hendricks told People in 2022 that she still considers Whitman and Retta “two of [her] best friends.” We love to see it.

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